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Virat-Anushka Wedding- A High Profile Marriage!

What was not there? Elegance, simplicity, and sophistication- the wedding of Virat Kohli, the captain of Indian cricket team and Anushka Sharma, the top level Bollywood actress have been enjoyably celebrated. This high profile wedding has set a benchmark for

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How Yoga Is Essential To Maintain Your Fitness

The top concern of the modern man is overweight and everybody wants to bring it under control. Who does not want a strong and flexible body? Glowing skin is the utmost demand for the modern girls and boys. Peaceful mind


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4 Ancient Egyptian Questions, Unanswered Still Now!

Egypt – the word speaks a lot! Probably the greatest and the most developed civilisation of the world history gave us incredible innovations, scientific glimpses, art, culture, architecture, mythology and what not! But the ancient Egypt also left behind some

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3 Times When Soldiers Returned from the Death

“War is neither glamorous nor attractive. It is monstrous. Its very nature is one of tragedy and suffering” – The Dalai Lama. Despite millions and billions of similar quotes like the above, people are still involved in wars. From the very


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