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Is flaunting narcissism a disease or a trend?

Social media has become the monster and spreading misery and mental disease amongst teenagers and adolescents. Best lifestyle channel displays various types of social blogs that says that people are highly influenced by social media and become addicted to certain

Best lifestyle channel

Compassion Swipes Out & Relieves you from Depression!

Do you ever feel sink under the bed of depression and blame yourself for never getting what you want? Best lifestyle channel suggests that depression is a never ending loop that keeps going and never fails to cease. When people


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4 Ancient Egyptian Questions, Unanswered Still Now!

Egypt – the word speaks a lot! Probably the greatest and the most developed civilisation of the world history gave us incredible innovations, scientific glimpses, art, culture, architecture, mythology and what not! But the ancient Egypt also left behind some

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3 Times When Soldiers Returned from the Death

“War is neither glamorous nor attractive. It is monstrous. Its very nature is one of tragedy and suffering” – The Dalai Lama. Despite millions and billions of similar quotes like the above, people are still involved in wars. From the very