Yeti - An Unsolved Riddle From Himalayas

Believe it or not The Himalayan Yeti is a big riddle till now. People talk about its sightings now and then by showing large footprints, a strand of their hairs or photographs. Videos about Yeti fleeting in a lush snowy forest are also famous. The failure to provide significant proof by people turn these strange cryptids into a mythical entity.


According to Himalayan natives there are three types of Yetis. The smaller ones are called yeh-teh, larger ones are referred as meh-teh and the gigantic ones are called dzu-teh. The variations in the sizes of footprints are classified in reference to these three types. People often confuse Yetis with apes or bears in the Himalayas sometimes.


There is theory that suggests that Yetis may inhabit in forests and valleys that lies below the snow line, at very lower elevations. And the only way to navigate between these valleys is through the tip of snowy mountains. Maybe this is the reason why Yeti’s footprints are always found on the snow. However, rare human visits in these lush and foggy regions with an extreme climatic conditions is believed to be a reason for their less encounters.


In his book My Quest for the Yeti, first published in German in 1998, world famous mountain climber Reinhold Messner writes that maybe he saw a Yeti, or at least locals accompanying him on a trek stated that. When examined closely, Messner what he saw was not Yeti but a Tibetan brown bear. Due to resemblance in physical similarities and their upright walking style, bears are often confused with Yetis. But the locals insisted that during their expedition what they saw was neither an ape nor a bear.

In 1960, Heuvelmans discovered that one of the Himalayan natives used a scalp of hair from Yeti as a ritual object. He investigated the purported scalp and compared it with the hair of a Himalayan mountain goat that he found in a natural history museum in Brussels, Belgium. After examining properly, he proved that the same kind of hair resembled to the hair of this relatively unknown goat species.

Several books are written on these mysterious creatures, their habitat, their nature and their encounters. Till present day substantial proof of Yeti is not available. Despite the accounts of thousands of witnesses, Yeti is still an unsolved riddle. Maybe they are living on those dizzying heights of Himalayas today also or maybe they are just a mythical creature dwelling in the minds of people.

In the different regions of the world, Yetis are popular by other names. The creatures having analogy with Yeti are Bigfoot in North America and Yowie in Australia.

Watch out the below video that shows footage of Bigfoot captured by people on camera from different parts of the world. The language of video is in Hindi but the original clippings are same.

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