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Who does not love to take soft drinks? You must order soft drinks or soda cans every now and then when you feel exhausted and thirsty. If you look at the young generation, they are the blind-fans of soft drinks of all kinds. If you compare the ratio of soft drink beverage and fresh fruit juice, you will find 70:1. In metro cities, the ratio of taking soft drinks and fruit juice is 200:1. What a huge figure it is!
What do you feel? Are soft drinks so much helpful for your health as the advertise shows? Let’s discuss a little!
Along with the increase of taking beverage drinks keeping the fruit juice aside, the side effect of used chemicals and other ingredients are increasing on human health. Here some effects on physical health mentioned.


Sodas of different kinds contain Sodium Benzoate which a preservative to prevent microbial growth in the liquid. This decreases the potassium percentage in the body. This increases the rash and eczema and asthma.

Decay of tooth enamel

Soft drinks contain a high percentage of carbonic acid. You know how harmful the acid is to your tooth enamel. On the other hand, these drinks contain a high amount of solvent. When acids come into contact with the tooth, it dissolves the enamel of the tooth as soon as you take. When you take excessively, you are sure to suffer tooth decay.
It is observed that each sip of these drinks damages the enamel of tooth by 2%
The skin in the mouth and Esophagus is as sensitive as of a newly born baby, and you may suffer rashes and coarseness after drinking these beverages

Heart diseases

As soft drinks are taken at a lower temperature, your body will suddenly feel a difficulty to cope with the adverse temperature. Your body always tries to maintain the normal body temperature according to the outer temperature, but your soft drinks shatter it.
When the temperature goes down, your heart needs to pump extra blood to the surrounding area to make the temperature equal to the body needs. If a person weak in heart, he may go to a severe heart trouble.

Danger for diabetic patient

If you take soft drinks, you are sure consuming a high amount of sugar. If you are diabetic patient, it will be a great danger to you. After 20 minutes of taking soft drinks, the sugar gets added to the blood and the insulin blast started. The shortage of insulin increases the blood sugar level.

Increases obesity

The high intake of sugar enhances the obesity. Your weight will be increased day by day. This will impact highly on your entire physical health, basically, with the increase of your age.


It is a disease of bone and gets all the internal bones weak. If you have the disease, you will be the worst sufferer after taking soft drinks. The acid of the drinks will weaken the bones much. The bone gets weakened for a common human being even after each sip.

Instant death

Carbon dioxide, when added to water, is called Carbonic acid. Therefore, your blood will get the excessive increase in carbon dioxide. For lacking oxygen in the blood, a person might die instantly if he takes an excessive amount of soft drinks at a time.
Probably, you have understood the health hazards caused by taking cold drinks. For getting more life hack blogs, be with us. We will surely enrich you with worth-reading thoughts and conceptions.

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