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With the passage of time, the world has changed many times. From time immemorial, women of India are covering themselves with dupatta (scarf) and various other dresses so that their body remains under clothes. Dupatta was used by women as the coverings of their figure. This was sane to cover their figure. Otherwise, this was considered as vulgar.

If a woman wears a dress without dupatta to any Indian village, most conservative men and women will murmur about her bold audacity. Some may directly ask, “No dupatta, sharam nahi aati?”

Yes, it is a matter to shame to this socio profile. But, the question arises some other questions standing in the age of 21st century. “What is a matter of real shame?” Will you call it a matter of modesty when a woman with dupatta is taunted, teased, and raped by so-called “good boys”?

Now comes to the point! Men and women have their specific physical structure for Nature’s need. What matters most when a woman does not use dupatta to cover her figure? Is it a matter of shame?

Some stereotypical women have their old conception that they have to cover the entire part of the body of a woman. But, have you ever imagined what the wrong with a woman is when Nature has created her figure likewise? The orthodox women may say that menfolk will guess the entire of her figure and may treat her illicitly.

Think; is it the shame for women or men? No doubt, it is the problem of men and their conception should be changed. Their look should be changed. The menfolk should treat the womenfolk with respect. Men with the corrupted mind always treat women with their lust, but the modest men treat with respect.

Yes, women have the right to dress themselves whatever they like and make them beautiful. Some orthodox people of India are still confused about what is shameful and what is not.

Look at the women wearing sarees with their lower abdomen open. But, a woman will be criticised when she wears modern and smart dress of jeans and tops or tees where the entire body is covered. But yeh…! There is no dupatta!

Before justifying the dress of a woman, you have to justify and improve your conception first. Women have their freedom of choosing dresses like men. You, the orthodox, cannot limit or arrange their dress and style as you wish. If women wish to wear dupatta as the part of their dress, let do it. But, if you customise the women-dresses with the stamp of modest or immodest, probably you will feel the grudge of disregard!

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