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It takes more than love for keeping your relationship strong. Obviously, love is the most fundamental asset for any happy and romantic relationship, but you need more than that. For maintaining a better relationship, both parties should be willing to work on it. There are some essential facts that make a relationship successful. Some of them are mentioned here.

Practice Acceptance and Appreciation

In a true You-and-I relationship, both parties should accept the wrongs happened to the other and if anything good to other appreciates their deed. In whatever situation you are in, you should keep this in mind. Appreciation makes others feel better.

Accept Ups and Downs

Not a single relationship can carry only happiness and scanty of sorrows. It has also ups and downs. You have to accept it. You should not expect your relationship will be continued only with a spontaneous uprising. When you are in the commitment for a long-term journey through life, you have to accept the planes, highs as well as lows.

Keep “We” in Mind

The researchers say that when a couple using “we” and forget about “my” “me” and “I”, the other gets satisfied. When both forget the personal interest and feel the conjugal importance. The relationship survives forever. This makes everybody generous.

Praise Your Partner

If you follow the three-day gratitude plan, probably the relationship will reach a lofty height.

  • On the first day, you have to find out three qualities of your partner and focus those ones for the entire day.
  • On the second day, find out three things that irritate you about your partner. Inform them but forgive them forever.
  • On the third day, speak only kind words to your partner and make them feel that she is lucky to have you.

All these three things will make the relationship thriving, reliable and improved.

Keep 3:1 Positive and Negative Ratio

Most times, people consider that after the happiness comes the sorrow. It’s true. But, you have to be positive about your relationship more than a negative attitude. For a healthy relationship, the ratio of positive and negative experiences matter most.

Researchers say the magical ratio for a healthy relationship is 3:1. This ratio makes a relationship healthy. Otherwise, an equal ratio is sustainable but opposite is sure to be crushed.

Give Your Partner Space

Always you are not right. Allow your partner to establish their words if it is wrong. Allow your partner to do whatever he or she likes. It makes him or her feel free and the relationship grows stronger.

However, when two parties are in love, there are some circumstances appear in front of them that loosen their relationship. Cheating, lack of courtesy, misplaced priority, lack of trust, treating your partner with contempt, immaturity, lack of communication, etc. are the reasons for a broken relationship.

Therefore, if you want to keep your relationship everlasting, you should eager to maintain it. Only the effort of one is not enough to make a relation everlasting.

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