The most important organ of a human body other than the heart is brain. Brain also needs exercise, fun and entertainment just like other parts of the body. Healthy brain is a home of healthy thoughts, isn’t it? Well, we humans don’t utilizes full capacity of our brain but we can keep it free from brain diseases.

There is a myth among people that as age increases brain loses its capacity to memorize and functions properly. As I already mentioned, it is a myth. The better you train the brain, the better it will bestow results.

10 ways to keep brain healthy, fit and fine

1) Sleep Enough

Sleep is an important activity in a day for any human being. Deprivation of sleep could hinders utilization of brain to maximum. Sleep clears waste from the brain, re-energize body cells and helps in improvement of memory and learning. Technically speaking, you put your brain offline while you sleep. Enough amount of sleep will keep you fresh and energetic for whole day.

2) Laugh Out Loud

Don’t be shy. Laughing out loud will full heart will refresh your brain. Grab some comedy movie DVDs or TV Series and bring laughter to your life while watching it. Laughing will release endorphins which will give you feeling of happiness and decreases stress. Make funny friends. If they are not funny, you can act like a joker. If you can’t act like a joker then hire one. When you laugh your entire brain participates in it. In one go all muscles of brain do exercise. That’s amazing!

3) Start Reading

Some people find reading books boring and waste of time. Reading will highly stimulate brain activities. As you start reading anything that interests you, brain will visualize whatever is written. A picturesque experience will develop inside your brain from the words. Your imagination will grow subtle and powerful. It is not necessary that you should have a specific book choice. Just get hold anything that you find interesting.

4) Do Exercise And Yoga

Exercise will improve blood circulation in your body. Proper oxygen supply will take place in the brain. Carry out some heavy and some light exercises during the day. If you are on job, perform ergonomic exercises that can be done while sitting on office chair. Even though they look funny, ergonomic exercises have very huge health benefits to brain and body. In every 20 minutes or so, get up to drink water or take a walk.

Yoga and meditation benefits the brain in more profound ways than you could imagine. Mindful mediation will reduce depression, anxiety and stress. It will increase your memory power and emotional regulation. Concentration, decision making and attention improvises with meditation if done regularly.

5) Vacation Time

Take a break from whatever you do and travel to some unknown place. You can also pack your bags for touring to same place again as long as you enjoy there. Change in environment, people and surrounding will relax your brain. It will act as a stress buster. The brain has the ability to consume new locations and sensory inputs that increases cognitive flexibility and depth of thoughts. Moreover, cross cultural experiences will strengthen your character and self-consciousness.

6) Be Creative

If you feel your life had turned out mundane because of routine tasks add a pinch of creativity in it. It is not necessary that you should paint, dance or do something actually creative. Just go out and do something that you haven’t done before. Re-arrange home’s furniture, decorate your room, design ornaments, paint mugs, design logo and do many more things to elevate creativity in your life.

Make music, produce movies, draw painting or write a story if that is your hobby. If you don’t know what is your hobby try one by one all things to find the specific one and learn it. Don’t make excuse that you don’t have time for hobby. Because you actually have! I know that.

My favourite creative activity is to write and also to find an alternate ending of a movie that I recently watch.

7) Eat Healthy

In today’s world, fast food is a quick and easy option. But this fast food is very fast in accumulating unnecessary fat in you. Eat food with more antioxidants. They are good for brain. In addition to that you need to maintain level of water in your body. Don’t feel lazy to go and fill up the bottle. Replace oily food with fresh fruits and vegetables for once in a day. Food with Omega 3 acids helps in increasing memory power and enhances learning ability.

“Food is like a pharmaceutical compound that affects the brain,” says Fernando Gómez-Pinilla, a UCLA professor of neurosurgery and physiological science. He has spent years studying the effects of food, exercise and sleep on the brain. “Diet, exercise and sleep have the potential to alter our brain health and mental function. This raises the exciting possibility that changes in diet are a viable strategy for enhancing cognitive abilities, protecting the brain from damage and counteracting the effects of ageing.” He added.

8) Listen To Music

There has to be some form of music which your ears would love to hear. Search melodious songs from your favourite genre and listen once or twice a day. Believe me, you will not feel it as waste of time.

Before I go to sleep at night, I hear low music with nature sounds that gives my mind peace and calm. Zen music, meditation music and yoga music are also highly productive. I do sleep like a baby hearing such kind of soothing tunes.

9) Step Into A New Zone

Brain loves to stay where it feels comfortable. That is why you feel fear. Whenever you try any new thing, brain will resist to accept it as it feels uncomfortable to step into it. But slowly and gradually you have to make it familiar to your brain. It will learn to accommodate to the new environment. And voila you will have new thing added to your resume of life. For example, learn new language. It will be difficult to grasp words of new language initially but with perseverance you will gain expertise in it.

10) Say No To Smoking And Drugs

You will lose your coolness once you start smoking. Cigarettes damage brain cells. Also it put you into ahead in queue of cancer recipients. Smokers’ outer brain skin is thinner than non-smokers. They are more likely to suffer premature ageing, heart disease, Alzheimer and gum disease. Smoking affects brain’s cognitive functions such as memory, language and perception.

Drugs affects brains neural system by interfering neurons functioning. This will hinder normal recycling of brain cells.

Please leave in comments below what kind of activities you do to strengthen health of your brain. You are free to suggest us topics on which you would like to read.

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