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With the progress of time, technology has become improved many times. Apart from accessing websites, people are using various kinds of apps to make life easier. The use of social media apps has become the part of everyday life to most of the people of the world. By the grace of smartphones, the use of apps for a particular purpose has increased a lot. People get almost every solution through the apps from their “smart” apps.

You are using different kinds of apps for having the solution for almost everything. When you need to add some cardinal numbers, you are using the calculator app; you need not keep in mind the critical scientific value because the app of a scientific calculator can solve the same.

Can’t you identify the location you want or the present place where you are? A click on the GPS app can give you answers about the location you want. With the help of apps, you can make your life easier and comforter. But where are you going forth with the help of apps? Apps are becoming smarter and our brains are becoming weaker, lazy.

The research indicates that when humans are using digital media excessively, it reduces the cognitive and behavioural development, and even, it affects highly on mental and physical development. The hyperconnectivity with digital media increases the interconnection of human and things and changes the pattern of social interaction. The online interaction replaces the face to face interaction.

Clearly, you have to understand the opportunities and shortcomings of increased digital media. Obviously, technology takes us to the world which would really remain unnoticed. In the meantime, you have to keep in mind about the adverse impact of it. When digital media is getting powerful, the power of creativity is reducing faster.

Rather, you can use your brain to manage everything. The experts say that there is a “self” existing within us that defines who we are. To be precise, this “self” acts much like a set of apps in a smartphone.

Robert Kurzban, the professor of psychology at the University of Pennsylvania, specializing in evolutionary psychology, declares that the idea of a “me” that is really in charge of everything we do is just an illusion. Our brain has multitudes of different “apps” that account for our entire behaviour, which is basically contradictory.

The different applications go on simultaneously in your head, some of them remain active and some of them go in the background. The current behaviour depends on the active apps on your brain.

But, when you are not using your brain power and do not practice your brain power, it will go down. Brain power is live but the digital world is programmed by men. The brain-power will gradually be reduced and except the physical device, men will become absurd. If you cannot remind the value of simple addition, subtraction or multiplication, and you have to take the support of a digital device, you will gradually become absurd. The apps of your brain will remain inactive!

Obviously, the knowledge and wisdom will decline effectively in practical life. Your social life will be hampered a lot. The joy and charm of face-to-face communication will be abridged. Therefore, it is better to use the “apps” of the brains, not the apps of the digital world unless they are essential. Otherwise, we have to be ready for the doomsday to pay for our deeds soon.

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