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People of this age is highly accustomed to accessing different sorts of devices to be online. Computer desktops, laptops, tabs, smartphones are now at every hand. From banks to all small offices, the entire data is accumulated in the system and sometimes in the cloud. But, how safe is the data you preserve in your system? Different sorts of malicious software may enter your system to corrupt your data. Think, what will be the effect if the data of a heart patient is lost along with the history of given medicine?

Obviously, the experience won’t be so pleasing! This event may happen to any computer system. Laptops, tabs or smartphones are not out of the same threat. Then, what is the way to get rid of it? The common name for this malicious software is virus.  Simply, you can install an antivirus to prevent these viruses.

A computer virus is nothing but the software programme that replicates itself with the computer files and programmes of the infected computer with its own codes and corrupts them. You will not find the original file and probably the contents of the file get corrupted. These affected areas are then called “infected” with a computer virus.

The act of antivirus software is to detect the malicious software from your computer and then remove them from the system to keep it safe. Antivirus is often abbreviated as AV.

Modern antivirus software can prevent your device from malicious browser helper objects (BHOs), ransomware, backdoors, Trojan horses, browser hackers, browser hijackers, keyloggers rootkits, worms, malicious LSPs, dialers, fraudtools rootkit, adware, and spyware, etc. The antivirus also protects from malicious URLs, scam and phishing attacks, spam, online identity (privacy), social engineering techniques, online banking attacks, botnet DDoS attacks and advanced persistent threat (APT), etc.

Are these all? Isn’t there any threat to your data saved on the computers and smart devices? Obviously, you have! Serious malware attack, a type of malicious software, is a term in which some serious computer threats by hostile and intrusive software is present.

Some intentional viruses and malicious software are sent to the computers like including computer viruses, Trojan horses, ransomware, worms, spyware, scareware, adware, and other harmful programs. Different malwares like ransomeware demand money and spyware can detect all you are doing on your computer system from the distance.

Then, what to do now? Along with the increase of using digital data saving process, the cyber threats are increasing day by day. You must install antivirus on your system on which you remain online. But, antivirus is not sufficient today. For malware infection, you have to use an antimalware software as well.

Hopefully, some antivirus companies are offering you a combined support for your computer desktop and similar other devices so that you can enjoy a duo force to protect the device. You need not install antivirus and malware separately.

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