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We love to see the stars at night; those little blinks always take us far away from the ground to space where billions and trillions of stars, planets, black holes and satellites are moving and orbiting! Humans always want to know the unknown and the universe is literally never-ending. Living, walking and staying on merely a city of earth cannot explain the infinite mystery of the universe. Rather the expeditions from NASA and other space agencies have only discovered a drop from an ocean!

You might have read about many unusual activities from the universe in the best mystery blog but you perhaps are not aware of the exoplanets which are out of our galaxy “Milky Way”. To explore the unexplored and to discover the anonymous, numerous operations and expeditions are frequently made by humans – some of them don’t find anything new and some turn out to be successful! Likely, The Kepler spacecraft has discovered many exoplanets which are not just cold bumps of rocks orbiting continuously an unknown star. Rarely a planet is discovered which make the soundest astrophysicists gape in awe! I have figured 5 of them for you.

GJ 1214b – The Steamy Water world:

GJ 1214b - The Steamy Water world

While we were on a huge quest to find a planet that consumes water, GJ 1214b puts an end the hunt. This exoplanet is 42 light years away from earth and sizes 3 times of the earth’s size. Earth’s water is merely 0.05% of the total mass of the planet and on the flipside, GJ 1214b’s water subsidises 10% of the mass!
While we have our biggest ocean on earth in name of Pacific Ocean that has the deepest place called Mariana Trench with a depth of 11 kilometres (7metres), the GJ 1214b is believed to be possessed with the oceans that may reach the depth of 1000 kilometres (1000 metres).
We have explored just 5% of our oceans which introduced us with horrible creatures, Can you imagine what lies there in the deepest areas of GJ 1214b?

PSR J1719-1438 b – The Diamond Planet

The Diamond Planet

Do you love diamond? Who doesn’t? You might have come across numerous mysterious things in the best mystery blog but have you ever heard about a whole planet full of diamond? Astronomers have discovered a whole planet made of diamond! “OMG! I want to go there” – yes, this is the expressions for most of you. But that would be a little hectic reason being that the planet is 4000 light years away from the solar system!
The planet is made of a huge amount of carbon and a gigantic gravitational pull turned the carbon into a huge diamond! This exoplanet revolves around PSR J1719-1438 – a millisecond pulsar which is believed by the astronomers to be once a gigantic star that turned into a stellar corpse in a supernova.

HD 189733b – The Planet That Rains Glass:

The Planet That Rains Glass

Probably one of the most interesting exoplanets on the list, HD 189733b is 63 light years away from earth and rains GLASS! Yes, you heard correct! The wind of the planet can blow with the highest speed of 8700 kilometres per hour (5,400 mph) causing any odd precipitation to fall sideways.
A silica concentrated atmosphere roots the planet’s cloud to rain molten glass which gets hardened while falling. The huge speed of wind pushes the glass at a speed that the glasses blows horizontally and slice up everything that comes in their way!

55 Cancri e – The Planet with Weird Water:

The Planet with Weird Water

Have you ever seen water in both liquid and gas state? Of course not but you can see it in 55 Cancri e! The planet is tidally locked to its star and orbits 25 times closer than the Mercury does the same to the sun and 55 Cancri e completes its orbit in just 18 hours which is astoundingly fast!
One side of the planet faces the star and the other side does not face which makes the water stay in a supercritical state of both the liquid and gas state at the same time. The planet has the size of twice of the size and 7.8 times greater mass than the earth.

CoRoT-7b – The Planet That Snows Rocks:

The Planet That Snows Rocks

The best mystery blog may offer you the various unheard news but you might not have known a planet that snows rocks! I have listed it as the bizarre since it snows ROCKS! Like many other exoplanets in the universe, it is tidally locked with its star. The side faces the star reaches the temperature up to 2200 degree Celsius while the other side drops the heat as low as -210 degrees.

Lava on the heated side starts to evaporate much like the water in our earth and it creates larger stone clouds that condense on a later stage at the cooler side where it rains large stones! On the hotter side, it rains Magma and the magma gets cold on the cooler side before touching the ground more like the snow fall on earth.
The universe is truly endless. Nobody can and possibly will discover the full of it. While we have not been able to explore the entire earth, it’s seemed to be impossible to explore the entire universe that literally has no end.

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