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Who does not wait for the morning papers on the tea table? Almost every conscious citizen wants to look through the events and facts happening around. But, in the recent times, would consider the real strategy of news media? Are you really getting the real news from the newspaper or any other news media? The standard of Indian journalism has reached at its ebb for their unethical practices by not supplying the real news from the root of the entire social and political system.

Have you got the news which is against the current ruling party? Probably, not! You will never get the news which can create social and religious chaos around the country. People are unable to learn the news what is happening to the other corner of the country by the grace of corrupted and unethical journalism in India. The news never comes to the dailies when the government job seekers are being harassed for years and they are not getting the judgement for years.

When the current government is doing something good, it will be exaggerated so much, but the news of corruption by the ruling party always remains hidden. The headlines are highlighted by the celebrity kids, fart, and fashions. Highlighting the news that gives tasty gossips against the opposition party is the all-time strategy of the journalists and news rooms. Sometimes, the newsroom cancels edits and modifies the real news for making it more thrilling and appealing, though unreal.

Paid news is also a matter to discuss about. Paneerselvan, the readers’ editor of The Hindu traces the unethical practice of paid media. For enjoying the personal or group benefits, only some partially true news has been published, e.g. the market shares and progress history of a company and so on.

Blatant blackmail by news media is also observed in 2012. The senior editor of a reputed TV news channel was arrested for demanding Rs. 100 crore from Jindal Power and Steel Ltd. In return, they offered to dilute the coal scam of the company through their news campaign.

You may have heard millions of farmers marched across Mumbai in protest of inequality and impartiality. The media was nowhere to be found. The imposed idea over socialising the news media has truly deteriorated the quality of print, digital or peripheral media. We are waiting for the good day to come when people will get the real news always- not the diluted one or no news of a real event!

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