The Use of VFX in Bollywood Movies- Best movies trend

What is common among Robot (Enthiran), Bajirao Mastani, Baahubali or Padmavat? Yes, you may say they are the high budget movies. They were known for their high-quality Visual Effects.

What is Visual Effect? Visual effects involve the integration of live-action footage and the imagery generated for the intention of involving environment with it to make it realistic in accordance with the facts of the scripture.

When a director wants to shoot a dangerous event which is not possible in reality, what will he do?  If the event is supernatural, impractical, unrealistic or simply impossible, you can capture a natural studio effect and the experts work on it to imply a naturalistic impression. Here is the demand for visual effects on movies.

Visual Effects, commonly known as Visual FX or VFX, are basically computer generated imagery which is recently used very much in making films. The introduction of affordable and user-friendly animation and composing software makes the entire process so easy. These works have now been done digitally and so it is now called the Digital Video Effect (DVE).

Obviously, you do not like the boring old movies having any or less visual effects. These movies have turned 180 degree and visual effects have been used to make them more naturalistic and realistic.

Sometimes, you do not understand that the visual effect is implemented in the background, but it is. If you look at the movies like Bhaag Milkha Bhaag, Dhoom 3, Chennai Express, Om Shanti Om, etc, you may feel that they are shot naturally, but they are not!

Who does not entertain the movies- Bahubali or Bahubali 2- the highly expensive movies? The recent movie Padmavat also has so many visual effects that help to make it more realistic and naturalistic.

There was a time when the western movies were famous for the extensive visual effects. But, today Indian movies are also moving through the same passage to entertain much than ever.

Let’s look into the movie Bhaag Milkha Bhaag. This movie owes a lot to its special effects of many artists. VFX covered the great shots of Commonwealth Games. A team over fifty artists delivered over 150 shots with this effect.

If you look into the movies Bahubali and Padmavat, you will get the use of Digital animation and VFX technology to create an ultimate visual effect. Obviously, you have watched “Ghoomar” song of Padmavat, where the midriff of Deepika was open, which was covered by VFX.

Therefore, modern technology has raised a level of your entertainment moving forward to the newer VFX technology that changes the realm of entertainment in recent times.

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