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Cracked heels are odd looking as well as painful. This is also known as heel fissures. If remains untreated, it may bleed you. A single reason is not liable for the cause of heel fissure. The long exposure to pollution, cold and dry weather, soaking the foot in the water for a long time, dehydration, lack of moisturisation, using harsh soaps on your feet, and aging, etc.

The matter of fact is that there is no oil gland on heels and so the heels remain dry. However, the skin has natural moistening effect for which the heels remain smooth. But, when you expose feet in the water for a long time, walk in a polluted area in dirt and dust, walk for a long time with heavyweight, may also cause the crack of heals.

If once the crack starts, it takes a long time to cure as you always have to use the foot for walking. Therefore, you must take proper care of the heels so that you can enjoy smooth ones that are obviously the great matter of beauty. Especially, a cracked heel matters much for the women who are conscious for beauty. Learn some great ways from our best Lifehack blog.

The homemade remedies for cracked heels-


If your heels are cracked, exfoliating is the primary step to make it smooth. This removes dry cells from the heels and brings out the soft and smooth skin. The cracks will also remain unnoticed.

•Procedure of exfoliation
•Keep your feet in a lukewarm water for 15 minutes
•Remove the dead cells with a pumice stone
•Bring out the feet from the water and pamper it after soaking in water
•Apply mild moisturiser (you can use petroleum jelly) on the affected area

When the severe cracks are under control, you need not follow the process every day. You have to keep in mind if you rub or try to bring out the dry cells from your foot, it may bleed or harm the soft skin of your foot.

Use vegetable oil

After exfoliation, you have to use any kind of moisturiser and after a few minutes, you can use good quality essential oil or vegetable oil.

Avocado and banana mask

Avocado is known as “Nature’s Good” that contains a lot of essential oils, vitamins, and fats. All these help to repair cracked heels a lot. Banana is a good moisturiser that makes your skin smooth and soft.

Lemon juice and petroleum jelly

Lemon juice contains vitamin C and some other ingredients that help to heal the cracks of the heels. On the other hand, the petroleum jelly helps to make the spot smooth and soft.

For applying these two ingredients, you need not exfoliate every time. Just you need to soak the feet in lukewarm water for about 20 minutes to make the skin soft. After that, you need to apply the lemon juice at first on the crack. Stay for a few minutes and apply petroleum jelly over there. This process is better before going to bed, and you should practice it regularly until the heel cures.

After getting fully cured, you have to take care of the heels regular basis so that the menace does not repeat.

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