“A hero is someone who has given his or her life to something bigger than oneself.” – Joseph Campbell.
We love our heroes, don’t we? What makes us cheer for a person in a movie or a sports match? When someone raises from the ground to the top not for oneself but for everyone else’s sake, he or she becomes the one to be followed. Starting from the very beginning of our life, our parents become the first heroes of our lives with all their sweats and sacrifices for our betterment. They remain heroes for the rest of our lives but we find some others to be enlisted in the core of our heart!

Those philosophies are different but I am now talking about the heroes who show up on the silver screens and beat the bad people and enlighten the goodness with all their unmatchable powers and wisdom! In the best movies blog you might have read many things but here I am trying to jot down the top 10 superheroes of all time! The argument will always be there about who’s the best but here’s what I consider.



One of the earth’s most brilliant mind who earned specialisation in gamma radiation, engineering, chemistry, biology, physiology, and nuclear physics, Dr Bruce Banner is a capable scientist who becomes the world’s one of the most fierce and powerful superheroes once he gets angry! Once he becomes the HULK, he’s unstoppable with all his super strength, regeneration abilities, endurance, super-human speed and unbelievable leaping ability. The most special thing about Hulk’s power is the madder he gets, more powerful he becomes. That’s scary! The only weakness of his is to kill him while he’s Bruce Banner.



This may be a surprise making to the list. Flash is more than what people think of. The biggest misconception about Flash is that people think he is the fastest in the world but he possesses the capacity to think and act faster than the speed light. His supernatural ability doesn’t end here, he can phase through matters and walls and acquire the knowledge in a hyper extended rate! He might be represented as the dumbest heroes in Justice League Cartoon but it’s simply not the case.



You might have read many Superman blogs on the best movies blog since Clark Kent from Daily Planet is one of the mightiest superheroes of eternity. Superman can only be stopped by his own mind and that’s a plus being the superhero with the capability of flying, seeing through objects, having a heat vision and a never give up attitude. He would have been ranked much higher in this list if does not have such weaknesses being vulnerable to magic and defenceless against the kryptonite stone! It will be nice to see how he can recover from his biggest drawback in the future movies.


jean grey phoenix

The most powerful mutant and female superhero till the date, Jean Grey is the most powerful member of X-Men! One of the strongest telepaths in the world, Ms Grey’s telepathic powers can only be compared to Professor X! But her power not only limits into the telepathy, she has a telekinetic power to move objects by thinking! But the power that makes her scary is when she turns into Phoenix and loses her control. Her weakness is herself. Being Jean Grey sometimes she is compassionate to her closed ones.


iron man

Tony Stark – Philanthropist, Playboy, Multimillionaire and a great scientist come up with a plan to build a shield for himself that can fly, fire and have unmatched power which eventually formed into Iron Man. World’s most advanced AI system is owned by Tony and it’s more like his assistant called Jarvis. He made the shield and appeared as Iron Man for his own sake but later he fought the bad guys to save the world. He has lots of weaknesses – his lightened source of power considerably the heart, his arrogance and most of all he’s just a human without his cover.


dr strange

The Mightiest Magician in the Cosmos’, Dr Strange is one of the world’s most powerful magician. He has the power of God with his sorcery and the martial art techniques add another flavour for him. His endless power includes stopping and reversing time, resurrecting dead and fly. The only weakness he possesses is that he’s still a human who can be hurt if someone can get close enough.



Wolverine made the list, being the survivor! You may see endless rumours and discussion about him on the best movies blog. He is the oldest superhero according to the story and compared to the wolves as he never ages! His ability includes adamantium skull and claws that are indestructible when cooled down. With an unimaginable healing power, nothing can wound him. Weakness? Without these powers, he is only a man and he suffers from severe memory issues sometimes and gets attacks.



The Norse God of Thunder is unstoppable and a phenomenal force to be reckoned with! He’s one of the most powerful heroes of all time and he’s a GOD! He’s merely invulnerable, possesses unthinkable strength, endurance and call lightning. With his hammer, he can fly and undoubtedly, his hammer – Mjolnir is the fiercest. When it’s about weakness, there is no such that could be mentioned, though, in films, his powers are never justified.


martian manhunter

J’onn J’onzz is sneakily powerful; perhaps the most powerful member of Justice League (Yes, I have Superman in mind) but never got the spotlight that he and his godly powers deserve. He may come from Mars but we should thank god that he’s an ally than an enemy! He can read minds, have X-Ray vision, shape shifts, can fly, have powers matched almost to Superman, can be invisible that helps him phase through the door. His only weakness is Fire whereas this is still under trial.



He surely tops the list! Bruce Wayne was a kid when his parents were murdered; from the instance, his grudge and desire to avenge his parents’ death led him to train himself with martial arts and he built several state-of-the-art gadgets including Batmobile, Utility Belt Taser, Batrang, the grappling gun and much more. Unlike the others, he doesn’t have any superpower but trained and invented himself to the extent that took him to the heights. He chose the SHADOW to save people from the villains. He has weaknesses like a normal guy and this makes it interesting to see how he overcomes the odds and become the most liked superheroes of the matured audience and talked time and again in the best movies blog.

There could be a novel written about the debate of the best superheroes, the above was my choice with every aspect that I could gather. Superheroes are those whom we look for, who we hope for and whom we follow. Today and tomorrow, the love for them isn’t going to stop.

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