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No matter how much fit you are but once you are hit by a muscle spasm your entire day will be ruined. It can cause any time of the day and many a times it is seen that people who are irregular in exercise and physical activities. If you go through any best lifehack blog that have health contents, you will see muscle related problems. Muscle cramps can be sometimes intolerable and the excruciating pain can affect your work schedule. It is referred as muscle spasms, muscle cramps or charley horse. Majority of the mass use fast relief spray or relaxing gel to cool down your nerves. Perhaps your leg might get frozen in some part during workout so you must take enough care and heal the part of pain without using medicine. These are caused due to stress, fatigue or loss of energy, dehydration and overuse of muscle. If your calves are hit by cramps or if it often gets locked up then there is a chemical issue from the nervous system that sends signals to contract the muscle.

You can try out these convenient natural remedies to get instant relief from pain:

1. Apply Cold & hot water to the area alternatively. Ice packs have the potential to numb the area and later it relieves you from pain. The muscle that is locked gets relaxed. You can either put ice packs or else you dip your leg in hot water and again dip it in the cold bucket of water. You can repeatedly follow this action over the tensed muscle. The water should not hot but lukewarm, because the intention is get instant relief from the excruciating pain.

2. Blend turmeric powder, lime juice and some salt to make a thick paste. Apply this thick paste on the affected area and see the magic of natural cure. It helps to recover the damaged skin; it can cure psoriasis and other inflammatory skin problems.

3. Avoid wearing high heels as it can twist your legs and you can severely get injured in the affected area. Also you can maintain a balanced diet that contains excess water content. Intake fruits, vegetables, carrots, sugarcane, banana etc. Moreover, if you daily massage your legs then certainly the leg pain can reduce to some extent.

4. Salt Home Remedy is another method to reduce the pain form your leg. Just take a bowl of warm water and add few spoons of Epsom salt. Also you can take a cloth and some salt. Pour the salt in the cloth and wrap it tightly, give the heat of the iron and put this warm cloth on the affected area.

5. Lemon home remedy is also quite effective as we all know lemon are antioxidants and can cure your pain just like a medicine. Whether you have a muscle spasm or any types of pain lemon can increase the PH balance in your body. Drink a glass of lemon water or lemon juice to mark the difference.

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