We all face injuries, don’t we? If not faced yet, we must have heard about many injuries our friends, relatives and known ones have gone through. While some of them got cured with time and medicine, a few encountered a tragic incident and lost some of their most useful organs and they unintentionally consider themselves as a burden on the others. But with the advancement of technology, I believe, every fairy-tale has come to the reality these days. Saying that I meant the medical industry that has been synonymous with “Miracle” in recent times and some of them are so surprising that can lead you to a sci-fi movie where anything can happen! I have jotted down the top bionic technologies which are getting applied to the therapeutic domain to do the wonder. Let’s check out the wonders that have their own right to be present on each of the best productivity blog!



Ray Flynn, a British pensioner lost his ability to differentiate the faces due to hormonal macular degeneration in 2009. He was shattered like a normal human being would feel without the vision but his lifestyle suddenly took a leap in 2015 when he was given an electrical implant that transmits the video feed to the healthy cells of the retina. A little camera attached to his glasses captures videos and now he can see anyone, recognises everybody, read books and watch TV too. That’s not all, he can see things when his eyes are closed! Shouldn’t it be called wonderful?



Gene therapy may work with the bionic technology to do wonders with the improvement of hearing ability. Most of the hearing losses occur between the auditory nerve and the hair cells in the cochlea. By the cochlear implantation, the inability and losses of hearing can be lessened by stimulating the auditory nerve with little electrodes. The electrodes must send stronger signals when the auditory nerves get damaged! The only way you will be able to improve sounds is to fix the auditory nerves!
Right here, the gene comes into play! Jeremy Pinyon is an auditory scientist at the University of New South Wales who came up with a gene-encoding neurotrophin in association with his team that enhances the nerve growth. With the help of it, he caused the wrinkled auditory nerves to grow. Though it is still under tests and observation, the idea deserves to be listed in the best productivity blog.



Not every time, an individual desires for a tail but imagine the scenario what would have happened if you had the tail of a fish? You can swim faster than any human can ever imagine and can even win some medals at some events! This fairy tale has happened with the help of bionic technologies! Nadya Vessey from Auckland, New Zealand was asked by a young boy about her legs which stopped developing when she was only 16. She told him that she’s a mermaid! Inspired by her own explanation, she told a special effect company to make her a mermaid tail and they provided her with a tail from wet suit fabric and plastic moulds. The custom fit tail was completed with a polycarbonate spine and tail fin as well as digitally printed scale patterns. With her bionic tail, Vessey is eyeing on the triathlon’s swimming event.



A bionic hand with an eye is a reality! It sounds like a fantasy movie running in front of your eyes, but science has made it possible with the employment of AI to see objects. The wearer’s desire to pick up an object is transmitted as the electrical instincts to the hand. Responding by taking the picture of the object, the hand gets closer to the object using the four grasping positions and eventually end up lifting it.
More than 500 pictures had been used to train the hand and each of the images was taken from 72 different angles to let the hand know different positions of the object and pick up the best angle when it will lift any item. With the progression of the test, the hand learned to choose the best grasping position of a material. Though the hand is still a prototype, it has 90% accuracy rate at the time of testing!

There are more wonders happening in the medical industry that you may witness right now when it blends with the up-to-the-minute technology and these are always discussed in the best productivity blog. The above four are some of the most astounding examples of the innovations which science has made possible with latest technologies. Your physical inability will not come in the way of your happy lifestyle anymore because bionic organs are there to take care of you.

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