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Probably, you are waiting for a winter trip this year as a long vacation is knocking on the door. Therefore, the location matters most to make you completely refreshed. Today, I’ll inform the most pleasing destinations where your mind will get the topmost refreshing elements which will surely rejuvenate all your monotonous routine life. Some of the escaping destinations are so unique, the memory of which may remain for years.

Baja, Mexico: 

This is an enjoyable destination where most of the tourists visit here with a craving mind. This is really a lovely and sweet spot for January and February when you can feast your eyes with Gray Whale migration to western shores of Baja from Alaska as the place seems to be their best breeding ground. You have the opportunity to explore the bays of Kayak, amazing whale watch in Magdalena Bay, and then relax on the sandy beaches in your heart’s content.

The Galápagos Islands :

The Galápagos Islands are the most amazing natural playground in the world. Here the tourists who love to adventure and enjoy nature will get their ultimate destination. Here you will get the amazement of exploring the underwater world with the view of the giant tortoise, the hike in Charles Darwin’s footsteps, the wonderful and majestic blue waters around the volcanic islands. Anytime, you can enjoy bathing in your stunning bathing suits. Enjoy your best in Galapagos Islands.

Chilean Patagonia:

Barren seascapes, pounding westerly, and the ragged spires of Torres del Panie National Park are the great attractions of Patagonia. The province of Última Esperanza and Magallanes boast of the matching adventure of Amazon and remote Alaska. The amazing glaciers chiselled and got a view of mind-blowing amazement before the humans started living on this continent. Now, this has become the hatch of adventure lovers. The hiking through the rugged landscapes, seeing penguins on horseback across the steppe is also the cravings for adventure lovers. This is the time to enjoy the unforgettable experience at this place.

Queensland Coast, Australia:

Are you fascinated by the sun, sky, and stars? Then, there is no destination that will attract more like the Queensland Coast of Australia. Then, you must visit the land before the next total eclipse period. The joy of different adventure will touch your mind so much when you will enjoy the eclipse by riding on a hot-air balloon.
Coastal Queensland contains almost everything that lures visitors to Australia. The gold coast is Australia’s major holiday destination. Here you will also get a host of theme parks, bars, and nightclubs around Surfers Paradise.

Sacred Rivers, Bhutan:

White Water Rivers are not uncommon to you if you are a regular adventurer. However, Class IV Drangme Chhu of Bhutan provides you a benchmark. You will also get class III White Water Rivers which are cascading down from the eastern Himalayas which creates dramatic mountain scenery. Enjoy the hike on hills and mountains that fills up your craving heart. The area is also known as the Land of the Thunder Dragon
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