Well, we all have a child within us but, with the growing days, we have to act mature and take some responsibility. As people gradually move towards their adulthood, they often associate childishness with negative emotions and they discard and ruin the inner child that resides within each individual. When the journey begins from childhood to adulthood, society does its best to disregard our childhood traits such as: a sense of wonder and happiness which comes innately from within, fearlessness, frivolity, innocence and trust. Growing up with all the complexities is really tough, I completely agree but once you enter into the realm of adulthood, you will inevitably take responsibility for your actions. Are you on the rat-race to transform yourself into a ‘matured’ person? If, growing up for you have become depressingly a tedious job? Then don’t let growing up ruin your inner child! Perhaps, you need to explore the best lifestyle channel and reminisce some of the cartoon shows that taught us something productive. Come let’s go back and relive our childhood days!



I remember watching it twice a day on cartoon network. Heidi inspired me to love, care and live life at its best. She taught me how we all are close to nature and animals and it is not difficult to open up in front of someone and make friends. In order to befriend someone; the first step should always be yours, you need to give love and care for others to make yourself happy- that’s the essence of love! I loved the way she secured all the soft rolls for Grandma so that it does not hurt her teeth. The cartoon is all about relationships, bonds and the love which we all experience. If you re-watch it again, I bet you can connect on a deeper level and can find the sheer moment of joy and innocence that lurks behind, when we reach adulthood.

Tom & Jerry

Tom and jerry

Both the cute characters never fail to impress us and we learnt that no matter how much you fight with your friend but your buddy will always find a way to stand up against your common enemy. Do you have the habit of looking down on people? If yes, then you are on the right track. Remember the tiny little Jerry who always won in the fight, so never underestimate and judge a person by their countenance! Tom & Jerry taught us that life is futile without a partner with whom you can share the bitter and sweet moments of lifetime. We fight with those whom we love and care immensely.

Scooby Dooby

Scooby Dooby

Nobody missed this cartoon and the famous song, ‘Scooby dooby do where are you, we got some work to do now’ was on everybody’s mind from toddlers to school goers. The entire gang was known to solve all the mysteries. Initially, it showed that ghosts create all the unsolved problems in our life. Ultimately, it taught us that there are no ghosts! Ghosts and monsters exist only within humans that can devastate your life! Thanks to Shaggy, Scooby, Velma, Daphne and Fred who taught us that a friend in need is a friend indeed. Bravery is an act of carrying on the work which you still fear and not willing to defeat- this is what we pick up and being scared is a part and parcel of life. But the game should still go on! That’s what I have learnt from the Scooby Dooby team.

The Powerpuff Girls

Power Puff Girls

This is a cult cartoon in the 90s that portrayed gender stereotypical role that are often offered to girls. Despite they are kids but they have accepted the challenges that came their way and have fought back to eliminate all the evils and injustice that was prevalent at that time. Feminism erupted and showed us that gender roles are just social construct and it needs to be refined and demolish only when you start working. If you firmly believe in equality, then focus and work hard to eradicate the discrimination. Now when I look back into those nostalgic cartoon moments I realise the fact that boasting a false sense of feminism, warming your couch and giving lectures won’t bring any change! Bubble finds her strength in her kindness; Buttercup discovers her strength in aggressive and tough nature and Blossom explores extracts strength from her confidence and courageous nature. Face your fear and cut down the gender stereotypes!

The Roadrunner Show

The Roadrunner Show

If you are a failure or have been trying something productive for a long time, you got to go back to your childhood days and re-watch ‘The Roadrunner Show’ to understand that you should never give up. Remember the road runner? Peep peep!!! It makes us believe that silence is golden and knowing your worth and weakness can lead you to taste the essence of success. Safeguard your talent and secure it because a good defence is the best thing you can offer to your opponent. Remember your consistency matters- this is what requires the most and will help you to reach your goal! Never give. Discover your strength and change your strategy! This is all i can regain from this channel.

Best lifestyle channel has the potential to rekindle your sense of wonder and explore your inner fear of childhood. So if you think growing up is a soul- sucking job for you, then take a deep breath and revisit your childhood days by going through the amazing cartoon shows. Perhaps, you can get back those broken little pieces, mend them and put back together. Learn to love the inner child within you and don’t let anyone consume your purity and innocence!

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