Discover the Blatant Facts About Crucifixion of Christ!

The infliction of severe physical pain to human beings was given since inception. This was executed solely because to punish the subordinate men and women to prevent from doing an act of adultery. Best lifehack blog never fails to explore the emotion of pathos and showcases how society has tortured innocent souls by hanging people to death and imposing other punishments such as electrocution, knee-capping and putting people into the gas chambers. Crucifixion was initially originated in Rome and executed to create a mental torture along with the excruciating pain. But have we ever given it a thought of how the body has responded during the process of crucifixion? Let us go through the medical facts about the crucifixion of Christ:


One of the prime reasons of death is suffocation; often it is observed that hanging on the cross after many hours make the body hang downwards. However, the victim tries to thrive by putting pressure on his body, it is said to believe that Christ depends on his limbs as he pushes the legs along with his wrist. Gradually both the muscles get exhausted but the victim struggles to breathe. It leads to loss of body fluid and it is observed that many organs fail but many individuals who have strong immunity fights back till his last breath. Just as Jesus did!

Broken Femur

Crucifixion is a prolonged punishment so that people can suffer for an elongated period of time. It was basically executed to inflict pain for a long time and lead to a slow death. There are many medical factors that led to the death of Jesus. Soldiers nailed the feet and broke his limb, more precisely the femur bone because the lower portion of the body is given much priority, breaking the upper portion of the thigh muscles won’t be able to push back. In this way Jesus has lost the support from his limbs that cannot push back and hence, he could not find his breath and eventually collapsed.

Hypovolemic Shock

It is a shock received after the barbaric act of crucifixion that not only leads to loss of blood but is also followed by shortness of breath, pleural fluid possibly forms in his lungs. A person goes through a great blood loss because the Roman flogging remains to continue and the scourging was so severely executed that Christ could not survive for a long time. It has led to organ failure. Such as the heart would pump blood that was not present, the victim can be unconscious due to low pressure, loss of body fluids that can directly affect the kidney. The victim could die due to loss of water.

Cardiac Arrest

Prior to death, Jesus Christ was observed to produce a loud cry because of a massive heart attack. The fluid accumulated in the heart and lungs caused due to hypovolemic shock. The body does not get enough oxygen when the process is continuing. Due to the lack of oxygen, the heart pumps faster, trying to fill the gap for the lack of oxygen. Ultimately, a massive cardiac arrest was observed due to excessive hyperventilation.

Spasms & failure of Organs

Improper movement of the limbs and arms and the stiff state of the organs can create an obstruction in then blood flow. The blood gradually pushes downward, affecting the vital organs. When the organs go through excruciating pain, the vital organs of the body send signals to the brain that they are malfunctioning. Besides the failure of the organs, the muscles of the limbs and thighs get exhausted and ultimately are ruptured. Thus the muscle spasms led to the downfall of Christ.

Best lifehack blog exhibits crucifixion as one of the deadliest and barbaric acts of inflicting physical pain to the criminals, which has caused slow death so that it gives a prolonged mental agony and physical horrendous torture to the human beings.

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