Definition of confidence stands as a belief that one can have faith in oneself, someone or something. But what does confidence actually means? And what are the methods to improve confidence? Every person and situation define confidence in its own unique way. We cannot define it perfectly but we can feel it while we initiate a dialogue with someone or we face a situation that is difficult for us to digest. Talking out loud and speedy way, imitating cool moves of famous people or denigrating others in front of the group is not confidence at all. It is just a show off masquerading as confidence. A person, who is confident, pass on a chance to other people to converse, knows when to halt, handle situations profoundly and still grasps the interest of persons involved in the conversation.

Doubting oneself obviously will lower confidence and affects his own esteem where he does not feel certain. Even confident persons are not complete as we believe. There is always a space of faultiness in their life which they know how to suppress so that they can express themselves confidently. One can only be complete if he is free from desires. But how many people do you think are eligible for this criterion? No one. Stop worrying about being perfectly confident. Instead, face your fears; put your step on impossible, up your sleeves to try something new or something beyond your reach that is when you will feel your confidence is drastically enhanced.

Confidence is not an impossible thing; in fact, it is the most easily attainable thing once you are aware of ways to boost it out. There are many blogs that will show you various methods or patterns of behavior that may improve your confidence, but a method applicable to that blog writer may not turn out to be fruitful to you. All you have to do is form your own method, discover your own path and you will find that confidence has risen up in you magically. In order to help you out, I have sketched out some dimensions that can be helpful to you in setting up your own rules to improve confidence.

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1. You are not alone

First of all, understand that you are not the only one caged in the sentiments of uncertainty. A good deal of low self-confidence heightens straightforwardly in us with silly myths we have that other around us are some way or another immortal and don’t experience the ill effects of the same vulnerabilities that we do. Everyone experience lapses in their self-confidence. No one is 100% perfect. He might have discovered a way to conceal his own section of self-dubiousness. The secret behind their rocketed confidence is that they had learned by themselves to overcome it slowly and gradually. If all are born equal then there is no hereditary excuse of one person being confident and other being not. The only thing that makes difference is that later had not put enough efforts. So my advice would be to tuck up your sleeves and talk to someone whom you fear the most. If she’s a girl at least say hello with full confidence no matter there is nothing else you have in mind thereafter and wait for the reply.

“That’s one small step for man, one giant leap for mankind.” – Neil Armstrong

2. What others will think?

This sentence roams around in everyone’s head. But it is as normal as we breathe. When you hit a low point in your self-confidence, you regularly are agonized over what other individuals will think. Who would like to resemble a numb-skull before somebody they feel is important? To counter this inclination, persuade yourself to believe that other people whom you think is judging your activities and words are presumably more fouled up than you are! Truly, we tend to radically overestimate the significance and insight of other individuals.

To improve your self-confidence, drop the thought of what others will think and live life fear free. Their thoughts can be easily manipulated by the graph of your success eventually. It is not their opinion which would define you as a person; it is your own course of actions. And as the times went off they would become busy in their own life dilemmas that they would hardly care to think about you.

3. Learn more

“Learning is the only thing the mind never exhausts, never fears, and never regrets.” – Leonardo Da Vinci

The above quote reflects absolute truth. A person who refrains from learning becomes obsolete. When you gain knowledge on something you become the authority on that matter. You are sought after figure once you are acclaimed in your circles about your abilities. A decent approach to increase self-confidence is to learn more than others whom you need to impress, attract or collaborate with. Learning more about something would drive away intimidation and build overall self-esteem in stronger way.

4. Muscle up your strength

We are not experts in all things. But we can scout our strength once we dig deeper into our life. It may take some time initially but we can surely forage it if we are determined. So concentrate on what you are great at. When you see individuals that show up at the highest point of their game is because they had identified their expert areas. In the event that you are stuck in a job where you have little aptitude and even less desire, then yes, you will consistently have low self-confidence since you are not playing in your area of strength.

In addition to your mental strength, your physical strength also plays a major role in building up your confidence. Start with 10 minutes a day exercise if you are a lazy chum. Several studies had proven that exercise creates new neurons, blood vessels, and synapses and also an increase of areas of the brain related to memory. People who perform work out in a proper manner have a stronger memory than their sedentary counterparts due to rising level of blood flow to the brain.

5. Create a purpose

Life without a purpose is like a race without a finish line. You are running and running and running without being aware of where to stop. You are driven by others on the path that leads to no man’s land. Have purpose in life that drives you, gives your life significance and counterbalances your instability. It is one of the most ideal approaches to enhance self-confidence.

For instance, you can create few set of mini goals like reaching out to your working place by taking steps instead of the lift or wash your eyes every two hours for two days continuously. Maybe these goals are easy to fulfill but once you complete it you will be happy from inside. And more to that it will teach you to attain larger goals swiftly.
Thomas Alva Edison would not have tolerated a thousand failures sportily if he did not have the goal to invent the light bulb.

6. Fake it ‘til you make it

This phrase simply means “act as if”. Stand, walk and face people like you are the only person in the room with full confidence, even though you have to fake it. Nervousness is part and parcel of life but if your mind will dwell in that, it will become a habit. Darkness vanishes only by a tweak of light in the same way nervousness could be dissipated only by confidence.

This technique is very handy while learning new skills. If you fake about yourself being a good guitarist you will definitely become the one in a very short time. As you will become the master of one or more skills it will improve confidence in you drastically.

Share your experiences about Fake it’til you make it in the comments below.

7. Visualize

Visualization of goals initiates the process within your mind to achieve it. A clear image of your target will give push to the adrenaline in you to attain it if you put considerable efforts. Whenever you are stuck in a troublesome situation, imagine the moments of happiness and positive situations within your mind. You will be amazed to see your body and psyche acting in synchronization towards that purpose. Therefore, use visualizations to enhance self-confidence by going through favorable instances of your life just before or amid periods where your self-esteem is tested. When your perceptions are certain and genuine, huge advances in your self-confidence levels will be clearly visible.

8. Face your fears

Fear is man’s biggest foe as anxiety, pessimism, nervousness, stress, angst and tension comes along with it. The most exceedingly awful thing you can do is give up to your fears as that just ignite even lower self-esteem in you the next time. Face your fear with courage and learn to overcome it as soon as possible because fear may kill your inner voice and will make you victim of the situation. In psychology, it is said that a person can suppress the fear memory or stimulus by confronting them in safe manner. Identify any one small fear of your life and try to conquer it.

Let us know your experiences in the comments below.

9. Stop hating yourself

If you will not love yourself of what you are then who will? Identify your personality. Prepare a list of what you like and what you don’t. Seek your own advice to any issue first. Carry out an inner dialogue with yourself at whatever point you are turning negative or self-crushing. Turn the volatile self-destructive thoughts into positive visualizations.

“Imagination is more important than knowledge” – Albert Einstein

Pay attention to what an inner person inside you desire instead of chasing random paths blindly. Stop imitating the people of whom you are fond of. You are unique. May it be your shyness, your fear of public speaking or your own low self-confidence; it is your own goddamn quality and your own weakness. Like yourself first, instead of judging your own self-based on the parameters others had set for you. Only you can work on your defects and win over it.
Get yourself involved in activities of interests that will help you build inner strength and improve self-confidence. With a focus on discipline, inner awareness and strength, you can break through many of the personal limitations that were previously holding you back.

10. Dare To Dream

“If you can dream it, you can do it” – Walt Disney

A person without dreams is similar to an empty vessel in which anyone can fill anything. Amuse over your own desires and paddle up your wheels to obtain them. Dreams you see may or may not get fulfilled but you will surely enjoy the journey that you have gone through to achieve it.

People forget their dreams once they build boundaries around it with the barbed wires of satisfaction. Satisfaction is not a bad thing. But there is always a difference between the satisfaction you attain after accomplishing your dream and the satisfaction you reach by killing it. Even if you think that your dream is an impossible reality, dare to dream it because in that way you will raise yourself up to the level above those people who had quashed theirs.

11. Meditate

Meditation brings calmness to the mind. Shut yourself from the world, stop your thoughts and stay for some time in absolute emptiness. Give a momentarily rest to your unstoppable thoughts for few seconds and you will discover tranquility in true sense. Confidence is an activity of mind rather than of body. Meditation will align your thoughts, decrease the blurriness of your dreams and will clarify your aim to you. Once you are aware of where to go, your confidence will increase by thousand folds.

There are so many other ways you may find out that can quickly enhance self-confidence in your life, taking you to stunning levels of accomplishment, satisfaction, and happiness. So quit enduring, take control and let your actual potential radiate through for the entire world to see.

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