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When you are not in the correct mood, you tend to end your day with a disastrous act. Best lifestyle blog suggests you to stay upbeat and positive through some techniques suggested by some experts and psychologists. Perhaps, you are returning home after a bad fight with your best friend or your beloved and at times stressful day bogs you down. In order to regain the energy, you can switch over these activities which are given below:

Listening to music

Music is the best therapy of all, it can bring you back to the correct mood because engages you for some minutes and stops you to overthink. It is a human behaviour to overthink and invite complexities in your life.

Watch a Comedy Show

We have all come cross that laughter is the best medicine, scientifically speaking if you watch your favourite comedy show or any personality that induces humour, you will be provided with enough laughter. Isn’t it? Laughter increases dopamine in our brain, it is a chemical hormone rather called a ‘happy hormone’ to relax your stress and anxiety.

Think About the Positive Moments

Psychologists and doctors suggest you to reflect on the positive moments or some sweet memories when you are feeling low. Replay the moments that went well or moments you always want to go back. Remember the bright things in your trait that keeps you alive and try to enhance those qualities.

Pour Your Heart Out

It is quite difficult vent out your feelings because that keeps you stuck somewhere. Perhaps, running to a friend and sharing your problems will be is one of the factors that help you to keep moving in life. Enhance your mood and feelings by discharging negative emotions and help yourself finding a route to vent your feelings. It might be your friend, mum beloved or a personal diary!

Go Out Shopping

Shopaholics never fail to keep themselves happy, whenever they feel stressed out they return to their age old trend of shopping. Yes why can’t money buy happiness? All we need to do is try a better way to spend. If you are foodie, then spend your money and keep yourself happy and if shopping keeps your mood go alive then what’s the point being a miser?

Flipping Over to Old Photographs

Some of the best lifestyle channel advice you to go back to your old memories that are kept intact with you. Don’t you just sit back in a laid back afternoon and flip over the album to lift up your mood?

Embrace the Bright Daylight

The bright-light therapy can boost up your mood and it gives a relief from depression and anxiety. Researches have shown that majority of people who suffer from depression has been exposed in the broad daylight by keeping their windows open. This therapy of about three weeks allows each individual to change the track of mind and stay upbeat.

Half an Hour of Exercise keeps the Depression Away

Physical activities keep you busy and help to release few hormones that give you a feel good factor. It enables each individual to perform and excel further in life. It helps you to think constructively and act accordingly. Exercise keeps you alive and negates depression and stress, it doubles your energy level and the tenacity of your work increases.

Meditation & Yoga

Religious places cannot enhance your mood as it is only limited to tradition and rituals. Meditation and simple yoga can give relief from stress, anxiety and depression. If you are blessed with a spiritual guide and a Yoga instructor then nothing can stop you from moving ahead in life and lifting up your mood in major stress.

Sing in the shower

Trust me! Nobody will eavesdrop when you are in the bathroom. The shower which you take at night rejuvenates you after a hectic schedule. So relive your stress of the day and shout out and sing your favourite track. Music experts believe that singing a song can lift up your mood and improves the immunity that fights back with the germs. So don’t chase after life, after your long hectic day, take a bath and sing out loud to shed away your negativity!

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