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Are you missing the train or missing the start of movies? Are you pilling up your task unfinished day by day or do you make people wait for you? If your answer is “yes”, you might be a tidsoptimist.

Tidsoptimist is a Swedish word pronounced as “tid-sop-tuh-mist”. The meaning has been mentioned in the Collins Dictionary is “a person who is habitually late because they think they have more time than they do”.

In your lifetime, you will see lots of people reach office late, for they have missed the train. If you justify their activities in personal life, they had no essential task at hand for which they are late at the railway station. They are just late because they assumed that they had enough time on hands.

If you justify the office activities they always pile up works, for they consider that they will finish them on time, and pass their time lazily. At the end of the day, they never can finish the scheduled work as they have spent time without any productivity. You know, for having a quality work, you have to invest some worthy time. Everything cannot be finished just in the blink of an eye.

Probably, we all sometimes become tidsoptimist and let all the works unfinished with the intention to perform later. We all suffer the same. When laziness attacks you for a single day, you are not tidsoptimist. But, when you habitually allow passing your time in idleness and enjoy yourself for a meaningless reason on regular basis, you are surely a person of this group.

Yes, a tidsoptimist passes his time in joy and merriment. They are more akin to having a zest for life and lack the productivity. They are driven by passion and cannot say “no” as they want to do everything, want to enjoy everything to which they are involved. They are intrepid, fearless, and venture into the unchartered territory of life being powered by joy. They bounce to rescue you with stretching hands.

For every enthusiastic, effervescent go-getter has to pay a price. Late arrivals and missing of deadlines are the commonest forms of them. Thus, they increase the anxiety of team gathering the works on the desk. These sorts of people always suffer from a stressful relationship as they are late. Lots of golden opportunities go out of hands for this “noble virtue”. And at times, they never say no for a bundle of works disposed to them with the intention of getting promoted.

Everybody wants to the lazy while working with the intention that the remaining work will be finished on time. Human beings naturally lag behind for the thought of running extra miles later. But, it never happens. When piles of files gather one after another on the desk, you can never find the way out to finish them. This happens to the students also when the final examination is ensuing, but the study is not finished for tidsoptimism.

But, what is your default tendency of personality? Can’t you recognise? This is the time to ask your colleague or friend!

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