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Best lifehack blog discusses about Hostel or Home stay which is commonly known as PG or Paying Guest. Certain things one should always keep in mind before checking in for such accommodation. Hostels or Home stay are very common to College-goers, Office-goers who have shifted to a different city for the first time.
From safety to cleanliness, there are a bunch of things first-time travellers aren’t usually warned about. Here are certain key points that every individual should know.

1.Get to know about the place, before you finally arrive: Try to do your homework about the place well in advance.

2.Choose your room wisely: Whether you want single or sharing depending on your priorities.

3.Be shower ready: Bring your own towels, soaps and shampoos so that you can be assured for a few days.

4.Make friends: As you are shifting in a different city, make sure to have local friends, as they come handy in
times of distress.

5.Earplugs are your best friends: Hostels have a bad reputation for being filled with party animals. Shared rooms
will never be completely noise-free, so bring some earplugs to get the deep sleep you need.

6.Hostel reviews: Read reviews about the hostel on social media.

7.Budget: Always keep overhead expenses in your budget. Emergency don’t inform you before-hand.

8.Always keep a towel: Many hostels might charge for towels so it’s better to keep a towel. Also maintaining
hygiene is also a factor to keep in mind.

9. Entertain with your room-mates: Roomies can always cheer you up when you feel low. Playing cards is a fun time
often seen in hostel and many girl gangs gossip at night and swap their books with their mates or do a manicure or

10.Checkout the policies of hostels or PG: Many people get meal complimentary and there are often rules and strict
regulations for ladies hostels. So watch out every corner and behind curtains news if there is any.

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