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Tooth decay is nothing but the destruction of tooth structure. Basically, the primary decay starts by decaying the enamel and the next dentine layer of the tooth. If once dentine is leaked, the inner blood vessels and nerves get open and start the pain.

How tooth decay takes place?

Tooth decay takes place when different kinds of food particles remain between the teeth and they are attacked by the bacteria reside inside the mouth. Bacteria try to dissolve the food particles and make the food acidic. This acid, bacteria, and saliva collectively form plaque and clings to teeth. This acidic plaque dissolves the surface of the tooth (enamel/ outer coating of the tooth), creates holes which are called cavities.
If once the cavities have been formed, it holds more and more food particles inside it and damages the tooth so fast. Basically, bread, milk, cereals, soda, cakes, fruits, or candy (sugars and starches) are the worst enemies of it.

The reasons for tooth decay

Practice of poor oral hygiene

The poor oral hygiene is not associated only with not brushing your teeth properly and regularly, but not flossing properly, not using mouthwash, and not brushing your tongue. If you do not brush your teeth at least twice a day (morning time and before bed), you may face a critical dental decay. It is better to brush after each meal you take all the day round.
You have to be sure that the all of your teeth have got proper cleaning touch while brushing.

Deep tooth cavities with enamel issues

So many people suffer from different kinds of enamel issues. The people who are with their faulty enamel, and have a deep cavity, their dental issues rise easily and fast. Bacteria and plaque get a sober platform to grow. Dental sealants can prevent tooth decay for them who are suffering the same. But, the tooth should be disinfected.

Improper nutrition

In the age of fast food and junk food, the deficiency of nutrition in the body is prevalent. You have to include healthy diet in your meal with all sorts of nutrients avoiding high sugary and high acidic ingredients.

High intake of sugary foods

All sorts of sugary foods are the best friends of bacteria in your mouth. The sugary food covers the entire teeth as well as the spaces between teeth. Therefore, only proper brushing after taking these foods is so much essential. The food like candy and pastry takes hidden sugar and sticks around the teeth. The dental damage increases its speed!

Acidic foods and drinks

When you mean acidic foods and drinks, they include a wide variety of food especially soda waters and some sour enriched foods. Shockingly, bread and fish contain acid. The carbonated soda waters are also high in acid (basically carbonic acid) are more likely to decay your tooth.

The prevention of dental decay

Teeth are the great assent in human life. For preventing the dental decay, you must brush your teeth properly after taking any meal or at least twice a day (morning time and bedtime). You have to take food with proper nutrition excluding the sugary and acidic foods and drinks. Visit a dentist after a regular interval. If it is possible, you can keep healthy teeth for life.

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