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The technology is growing faster with the passage of time. Who knew people could fly in the sky like birds? Today, it is true. Probably the days are not so far when the Harry Potter universe will exist in reality: flying carpets, protective cloaks, talking mirrors, animated brooms, etc. may exist in front of you someday.

In Minority Report, Tom Cruise gets into a car which drives it. Apart from the neutral control of the car, people got an idea how the biological progress could go on. Thought this was based on the great science fiction, this might come into reality in next 50 years. The cars may run by the direction of your mind after all!

Years after the invention of computer technology, the process of work of the system remains almost the same: a screen and a CPU. The screen and the system fall short because they cannot improve our relationship with computing- machines sit waiting for getting our orders. MIT Media Lab scientist David Rose is hopeful to enjoy newer technology that will change the entire lifestyle of men in recent years. If you do not join the progress of science, you will remain far behind of modern world of technology.

The weather forecasting umbrella

David Rose considers that an ambient umbrella will be able to communicate with AccuWeather and predict the weather of the day with some light-signals. Armed with the ZIP code, the umbrella will predict the local weather forecast.

The Trash Can That Can Order Groceries

Are you tired of keeping the counts of milk cans used in a month? Is it the last piece of bathing soap and need one more in this month? You have nothing to worry! The Trash Can has a scanner inside that scans everything inserted inside. Whenever it gets a record of ending up of things, it can immediately place an order online so that the product reaches at home soon.

No more greasy chains of bikes

Do you prefer the old bicycle in this modern age? Then you are far behind of the modern technology. High-speed geared bikes and electric bikes are not new today. But, have you ever heard the chainless bikes? Yes, there is nothing to think of greasy chains that lead you to unwanted hazards sometimes.

An undated shaft drive replaces the chain with a rod. The rod is connected to the gearing system of riding wheels. These bikes are very efficient in urban riding and they are already running on the streets of China.

Medical development

People of the day are getting highly modern treatment today by the grace of the advanced medical science and medicine. The death rate has also been reduced.

The advancement in digital media

You do not need to buy books by spending dollars or need not spend hours in the library. Ebook can bring the exclusive books in your hands. In a second, you can get information about anything through search engines or you can communicate with anybody through the electronic and digital media.

The world is going forward very fast. The entertainment technology has changed many times today, from 2D technology to 7D-technology or more. Therefore, stepping on the modern technology, we can go forth and dream for a newer vision. Technology is the boat that is heading us all towards the Elysium!

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