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Who is the Iron lady of Pakistan?

Muniba Mazari is going viral on social media because of her outstanding speech based on her life. Best motivation blog marks this lady as the inspirational woman of Pakistan who can truly light up the spirit and encourage others. She is only 30 years old with a child, raising and rearing all by herself, born on 3, March, 1987. She is an artist, an activist, a writer and a speaker which can turn thousand faces smiling. She pours out her heart on canvas and paints from within; her portraits will display the true colours of life and she is expert in sketching people’s emotions and expressions. The lady who is brought up in Baloch backdrop pursued Fine Arts as a subject in her graduation days, also her father guider in in this field, Mazari can speak multiple languages such as Urdu, Balouchi and English.

Why is she known as the Iron lady of Pakistan?

Mazari met with an accident in 2007 on her way back to her hometown- Rahim Yar Khan. She was accompanied by her husband, though did not receive any help. Her husband managed to jump out from the car and survived but she was left abandoned in the middle of the road. It was quit disastrous and dreadful experience to stay in the hospital for 2 years. She was left paralyzed from the lower parts of the body, crushed her backbone and has survived with fractured arms, shoulders, ribcage and collarbone. Doctor gave the ultimatum that she will never be able to walk, paint or give birth to a child. She said in one of her speeches that it left her devastated and she questioned her existence. Confining yourself in a wheelchair is never easy but accepting the odds of life and turning your own fate is all you can do. So the word confinement gradually shifts to self-determination. She takes the agony of being abandoned by her husband and father but never failed to be a painter.

Quotes of Muniba that will inspire you in misery

“…that day I decided that I’m going to live life for myself. I am not going to be that perfect person for someone. I am just going to take this moment and I will make it perfect for myself, that I’m going to fight my fears.”
“You know, when you end up being on the wheelchair, what’s the most painful thing. People think that they will not be accepted by the people because we in the world perfect people are imperfects. So I decided to appear more in public.”

Achievements after the Accident

Best motivation blog has claimed her Iron Lady of Pakistan, in spite of going through a long depression, her bravery stood all alone overshadowed all the darkness.

•An excellent painter who got back her passion after the accident.
•Instead of moaning, she overcomes her fear and adopts a son when his husband and father left him deserted.
•Instead of blaming others she became a source of inspiration and became the UN Ambassador.
•Presently a motivational speaker and a social activist supporting and encouraging thousand lives.
•A beautiful model who became the brand ambassador of Body Shop, Tony and Guy and Chugtai Lab.
•A TV anchor and a singer who never fails to inspire people being on a wheel chair. A part of Ponds Miracle team and soon will start her career as a host.

Muniba undoubtedly can be seen as a role model, it shows that we all can afford to be weak but it requires courage to face our fears and burn them. We all should fight back against all odds in order to transform our dream into reality.

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