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No one has ever seen the face of ego. It is like a ghost that we accept as a controlling influence in our lives. I look upon the ego as nothing more than an idea that each of us has about ourselves. The ego is only an illusion, but a very influential one. Letting the ego-illusion become your identity can prevent you from knowing your true self. Ego, the false idea of believing that you are what you have or what you do is a backwards way of assessing and living life.
You’ve probably noticed the word  AMBULANCE written backwards on the front of a vehicle so that a person seeing it in their rear-view mirror can read it. When you look into a mirror, what you see is backwards, too. Your right hand is your left, your eyes are reversed. You understand that this is a backward view that you are seeing and you make the appropriate adjustments. You do not confuse reality with the image in the mirror.
The ego-idea of you is very much like the mirror example, without  the adjustments. Your ego wants you to look for the inside on the outside. The outer illusion is the major preoccupation of the ego.

The ego-idea has been with us ever since we began to think. It sends us false messages about our true nature. It leads us to make assumptions about what will make us happy and we end up frustrated. It pushes us to promote our self-importance while we yearn for a deeper and richer life experience. It causes us to fall into the void of self-absorption again and again, not knowing that we need only shed the false idea of who we are.

“When ego is lost, limit is lost. You become infinite. You become kind and infinite”

Shouldn’t we instead become better people from those experiences rather than close ourselves to new ones?

Shouldn’t we instead be everything contrary to those experiences and people, and just use them as lessons to tackle new challenges with a new awareness and knowledge?

By being more controlling of our lives we actually block ourselves from new experiences. I don’t believe the aim should be to be more “careful” but rather to be “full of care.” We can’t control our relationships to be certain we won’t get hurt, it’s a matter of learning from our past experiences and learning to let go of our egos to live like a child does.

Xpress Planet has frequently encountered individuals who are so overworked and overwhelmed that they describe their daily experience as one of triage. Many of them feel completely disconnected from their bodies, and describe themselves as operating purely from “the neck up.” They rarely have time for themselves, let alone for their relationships, parenting duties, social commitments and more. All aspects of their lives seem to create a perfect recipe for overwhelm, leading to further feelings of instability and disconnection — at work and in life generally.

So we at Xpress Planet are here with top 5 ways to help you stay “Grounded” -:

  1. Start your day with five minutes devoted completely to yourself (before turning on your devices).
  2. Eat (actually) good food.
  3. Stay connected to your body throughout the day.
  4. Use your commute home to decompress.
  5. Get as much sleep as you can, and create conditions for deep rest.

“Stay Humble Stay Grounded. Remember What Got You to That Level- and that’s Hard Work”

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