5 Teen Novels That Turned Into Blockbuster Movie Franchise

Hollywood is swarming up with movies adapted from fictional teen novels nowadays. The word ‘teen’ itself is enough to project the movie as a sensation. If the movie is carved properly with right resources it will surely be a crowd catcher. Teens can pull people of all ages along with them. So, it might be probably the best area to play the bet on.

Novels and movies are totally different mediums to tell the story. Novels are narrative. The author can cultivate emotions, surroundings, feelings and motion with proper care. They are not bound by time and budget. You can see many one page characters that make no difference to protagonist’s life but are necessary to drive ahead the story.

Movies have to reveal all facades of the story in approximately 3 hours. Whether it is a romance, science fiction, adventure or drama, the action lasts only for definite time. If they are made exactly like novels then hardly there are any chances that they will achieve success. Expressions play a major role in depicting character’s situation. Audiences could relate more cordially with the characters and their life events in book-to-movie motion pictures. While reading the book, they feel what their protagonist feels. Naturally, it becomes easy for them to relate to character’s dilemma and circumstances as if they know him very closely.

Books describe story’s environment in detail while movies add color to it. Teen novels are hot picks for Hollywood movie makers as they know that once that character is imprinted in viewer’s mind they will never be out of business. Large number of teen adult series releases every year but only few of them succeeds to hit the screens. Let us see 5 successful fictional teen novels that transformed into successful Hollywood franchise.

5 Teen Novels That Turned Into Blockbuster Movie Franchise

The Chronicles of Narnia

chronicles of narnia

Author C.S. Lewis created the adventurous world of Narnia from the wardrobe closet of four Pevensive siblings Lucy, Susan, Edmund and Peter. Their arrogant cousin Eustace then joins them in this new world as friend of Narnia. There are total seven books in The Chronicles of Narnia series, from which three are made into blockbuster movies. Narnia series has collected revenue of around $1.6 billion from all over the world till now.

Good news for Narnian fans is that the fourth installment The Silver Chair based on the fourth book of this series is under production. David Magee, an academy award nominee and screenplay writer of Life of Pi and Finding Neverland, is writing the screenplay of the fourth movie of the Narnia franchise.

Budget: $560 million (first 3 movies)

Box Office Collection: $1.6 billion (first 3 movies)

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The Twilight Saga


Twilight story is set in a small fictional town called Forks on Washington’s Olympic Peninsula. It revolves around the romance between a vampire and a human girl. Stephenie Meyer’s series of four books are now released into five feature films.

The star cast of the movie includes Kristen Stewart as Bella Swan, Robert Pattinson as Edward Cullen and Taylor Lautner as Jacob Black respectively in main roles. The Twilight franchise has made business of over $3.3 billion around the world till now from its five movies.

Budget: $385 million

Box Office Collection: $3.3 billion

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The Hunger Games

the hunger games movies

An American Author Suzanne Collins wrote The Hunger Games triology. The movie stars Oscar winner Jennifer Lawrence, Josh Hutcherson, and Liam Hemsworth. The story of the novel is about an adventurous journey of Katniss Everdeen (Jennifer Lawrence) who volunteers herself in place of her sister in The Hunger Games organized by the Capitol.

Katniss is a talented archer who loathes The Hunger Games due to the nature of its cruelty where you have to kill fellow participants to become the survivor. Throughout the series Katniss battles for her existence with the whole country watching her steps closely. People see her as a hope to rebel against savage rules of President Snow, an autocratic ruler of the Capitol. They see in her The Mockingjay, a fictional bird that is a sign of inspiration, happiness, hope and togetherness in the civil war depicted in the movie.

The film series has made whooping $2.9 billion till now through four movies.

Budget: $493 million

Box Office Collection: $2.9 billion

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The Lord of the Rings

the lord of the rings

J.R.R Tolkien, the author of The Lord of the Rings trilogy book series would not have imagined that his novels will turn into a blockbuster movie franchise. Unlike other franchises, all the movies of this series are directed by Peter Jackson.

The story of The Lord of the Rings begins with Frodo Baggins inheriting a powerful Ring from his grandfather, Bilbo Baggins. In the adventure journey to Mount Doom in the land of Mordor, the only place to destroy the ring, Frodo is aided by his best friend Sam Gamgee, Gandalf and other eight companions.

The film series is recipient of many prestigious awards and has made to the list of AFI’s top 10 in fantasy genre. The franchise made the business of around $2.9 billion dollars worldwide till now.

Budget: $281 million

Box Office Collection: $3 billion

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Harry Potter

harry potter movie posters

Rejected by 13 publishers, Harry Potter novel series has resulted into an $8 billion movie franchise. Initially viewed as a middle grade book for children, this young adorable wizard Harry Potter made people of all ages to fall for him. J.K Rowling created the fictional world of Harry Potter in a train journey, but hardly had she would have imagined at that moment that it will be one of the most successful book-to-novel series of all time.

Daniel Radcliffe plays the role of Harry Potter while Emma Watson and Rupert Grint portrays role of Harry’s best friends Hermione Granger and Ron Weasely in the movies. All the seven parts conclude in ending the dark era of Lord Voldemort, the most powerful and dangerous wizard of the magical world.

Wizardry world products such as wands, robes, specs and other goods are big hit in commercial market. Apart from novels, only movie series has collected approximately $8 billion dollars till now.

The prequel spin off series Fantastic Beasts and where to find them had done the business of approximately $690 million till now.

Budget: $1.3 billion

Box Office Collection: $8.2 billion

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