10 Ways To Keep Brain Healthy, Fit And Fine

The most important organ of a human body other than the heart is brain. Brain also needs exercise, fun and entertainment just like other parts of the body. Healthy brain is a home of healthy thoughts, isn’t it? Well, we humans don’t utilizes full capacity of our brain but we

8 Strangest Cars On Earth

What is your dream car? Maybe Lamborghini, Maserati, Ferrari or any one of those premium cars. But apart from them there is a whole new market of strange cars. People love to buy it. Even when company knows they will never put them into production, still they make it. They

4 Game of Thrones Endings You Never Thought Of

4 Game of Thrones Endings You Never Thought Of

Plenty of theories are floating around regarding the Game of Thrones endings. From the deaths of heroic Starks to foolish Lannisters children, no one is safe in this series. Every character has its own specific shades of gray. The character you may praise as a hero will surprisingly be murdered

3 Times Physicists Have Turned the Fiction into Reality

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When it’s about science, truly nothing is impossible! Things we only have had in dreams are now possible by holding the hands of science. If we talk about science, one thing will deliberately appear on the discussion and that is undoubtedly PHYSICS. From the time people started to evolve, they

Discover your true energy and fuse with the Cosmos!

What we sow is what we reap!

We all believe in energy and it is omnipresent because no matter, who you are or what you do to thrive for there are certain things which can be left unsaid and unexplained. We need to have faith on humanity and trust on the fact that we all are NATURE

5 Ways You Can Turn Your Lazy Time into Money


“Time is Money” – Rightfully said it is! Every beat of your clock takes away a scope for your income! Perhaps every New Year, you make new plans for new ways to make money; it might sound bit cliché, but whether in the beginning of a year or in middle