Review of Victoria & Abdul: Walk in the footsteps of a Queen

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The movie interrogates the status quo of our society when the friendship of Queen Victoria and the servant is beautifully portrayed on screen. Judi Dench appears on screen for the second time and echoes 19997’s Mrs.Brown. What strangely beautiful is the offbeat plot and the ubiquitous presence of colonial fantasies.

Movie Review of ‘Secret Superstar’

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Advait Chauhan's 'Secret superstar' is a not so bad film because it has got nothing new to say. The same old story but presented in a very pleasing style. Who does not aspire to become an extra-ordinary personality in childhood? This film showcases that dream is the basic element in

4 Game of Thrones Endings You Never Thought Of

4 Game of Thrones Endings You Never Thought Of

Plenty of theories are floating around regarding the Game of Thrones endings. From the deaths of heroic Starks to foolish Lannisters children, no one is safe in this series. Every character has its own specific shades of gray. The character you may praise as a hero will surprisingly be murdered

Top 5 Movies of Rituparno Ghosh

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Rituparno Ghosh is one of the most talented and versatile directors in Indian parallel cinema. If you go through the reviews of the best movies blog, you can see that Ghosh is dexterous in portraying the subtle emotions and complexities of human relationships. He is a master of revisiting