7 Tips to Rebound after a Romantic Breakup

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Although underrated, romantic breakups are commonplace these days. Just as a romantic relationship is based on deep-seated feelings, a romantic breakup also evokes strong emotions in an individual. Even if a romantic relationship ends on good terms, it is hard to overcome the feeling of loss or rejection thereafter. Sudden breakups

5 Useful Tips to Refine Your Behaviour

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The road to success is not a pithy tip. There is only one secret of success – the combination of a tenacious spirit, good habits and of course, a bit of luck. While you cannot exercise control over your destiny, you can surely make some changes to your attitude and

How to Improve Your Present Condition in Life

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Yes, you can go wherever you want from wherever you are at that present moment. You just have got to fight for it! How fast and dramatically you can change your life depends largely on the function of your imagination. Get back to the year 1960 when it was impossible to

Few Easy Tips To Be Successful In Life

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Regardless the age, everybody has a goal in life and he wants to reach there. This brings him success and happiness. But, how many of us can reach the goal? The dream always may not come true but you can be successful in life. The way of life that gives