Can We Motivate Anyone Else?

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“Motivation is the reason for people’s actions, desires, and needs. Motivation is also one’s direction to behavior, or what causes a person to want to repeat a behavior. An individual is not motivated by another individual. Motivation comes from within the individual.”- Wikipedia. If we observe the definition of motivation given

Most Common Myths Associated with Starting a Business

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The world is full of opportunities. Just you need to grasp the opportunity and set yourself to achieve the goal. Everybody dreams of wearing suit and tie and do a prestigious job. Yes, you can achieve everything you want. Why are you looking so low for working in an office?

How to Be the Best Leader to Lead Your Team?

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A company is nothing except the leading chain it has incorporated. From the bottom level to the top, the leaders always play the fundamental role. Truly speaking, being a great leader isn’t an easy task. You need to be a respectable, inspiring, and effective performer to lead your team. Without lack

Learn to meditate & tame your mind!

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Best motivation blog says that mediation can create magic and can change the fate of man. If you sit for meditation just once a day then you can at least conquer your mind which roams around only to scatter your day. If you come across a man who has no

7 Keys to build a Positive Personality

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Perfect mental diet governs your character and personality very much, and almost every aspect of life that happens to you in front of you. Probably, you have learned a new term “mental diet”, am I right? Ok, it has been made lucid! What you make happy and keeps your mind refreshed is

Learning to Let Go & Moving to a Fresh New Chapter

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We all have become a product of our past and keep our soul imprisoned in darkness. A renowned psychologist claims in the best motivation blog that majority of the people like to romanticise the essence of pathos in their life and tend to remain in their shell. Change is so

How to Develop a Good Personality to Motivate Others

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Personality is the crown to a man. With the perfect personality, a man can adjust to any situation and can win the mind of men. Different people prefer different sort of men having the specific personality. But there are some people who have such a stunning personality that is praised

Fight Against The Social Odds & Inspire The Mass!

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If you are really concerned about the social odds and injustices that are prevalent in our society and want to promote social cohesion and development, then you should have proficiency in the areas of social work. In today’s best motivation blog we shall focus on these Indian women who have

5 Future Technologies Which Will Turn the Fantasy Into Reality

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We are living in an age where technologies brought us the things we used to dream about in the past! Whereas the stuff like virtual reality, augmented reality and artificial intelligence was the matter of imagination during the time period of 90’s, now it’s quite casual with Google VR and