Is flaunting narcissism a disease or a trend?

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Social media has become the monster and spreading misery and mental disease amongst teenagers and adolescents. Best lifestyle channel displays various types of social blogs that says that people are highly influenced by social media and become addicted to certain platforms like Facebook and Instagram where they want to be

Compassion Swipes Out & Relieves you from Depression!

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Do you ever feel sink under the bed of depression and blame yourself for never getting what you want? Best lifestyle channel suggests that depression is a never ending loop that keeps going and never fails to cease. When people are bogged down, it is finitely not their fault but

Male Gaze in Fashion Photography

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Women have always been the subject of every story, be it in film, literature or photography. Before delving deep into ‘male gaze’, we need to understand the concept of gaze in mass media and literature. Best lifestyle channel notes that anything which is visually alluring and can be viewed

4 Most Probable Reasons You Dreamt Last Night

I am not Sigmund Freud and I am not going to interpret Dreams! Rather I can tell you why the vision comes to your brain while you are sleeping, be it, a pleasant or a horrifying one. Dreaming is such thing we all have, similar to binge-watching Netflix, but nobody

Discover your true energy and fuse with the Cosmos!

What we sow is what we reap!

We all believe in energy and it is omnipresent because no matter, who you are or what you do to thrive for there are certain things which can be left unsaid and unexplained. We need to have faith on humanity and trust on the fact that we all are NATURE