Are Our Schools the Buildings with Four Walls and Tomorrow Inside?

Are Our Schools the Buildings with Four Walls and Tomorrow Inside? Best Lifehack Blog

What a pleasant moment when your child leaves for their first day of schools. It is really an emotional moment for parents. Probably, every parent keeps this memory very affectionately in their mind. It is an enormous change of responsibility from parents to schools authorities. The minds of the parents of

Be As Picky With Your Men As You Are With Your Selfies!!

Probably, you are pretty proud of the recent selfie. It is a knack to show the moods you are in. It’s an awesome game to depreciate others with selfies. It is a game to win by taking selfies of various styles. However, most youngsters post a particular type of selfies

Are We Moving Towards an Automated Future?

The Indian vendors embrace automated intelligence (AI) under the pressure of their clients. The force of industrial automation and the use of artificial intelligence are about to render nearly 70% of the Indian workers within the ensuing year. The tech analysis indicates that the use of artificial automation will impact the

Children Should Be Seen and Heard, Making them Work At this Tender Age Is Absurd

Children Should Be Seen and Heard, Making them Work At this Tender Age Is Absurd

                                  “Don’t ask children to take tool instead send them to school” India is sadly the home to the largest numbers of child labourers in the world. Child labour in India, somehow, has become a social norm that we accept and tolerate in our society. This exploitative and abusive practice will

Wombs on Rent- The Rising Trend in Surrogate Parenthood

Don’t be stunned if you hear wombs are on rent! Yes, this is true today in all over the world. Some women are unable to carry their child in wombs for so many reasons. Then would they remain childless for life? Would the dream children remain waiting for the unknown

Child Rape??? Humanity At Its Ebb

Child Rape??? Humanity At Its Ebb | Best Lifehack Blog

“Every Child Is Innocent, Save Them from the Fear” “Save Girl Child” is trending of late, that’s nothing more than a charade.  What society really makes of these words? Just to let the baby girl see the world? Saving her in womb, is it enough? Rescued her, gave her a life

Budget 2018- Expectation and Fulfilment | Best Lifehack Blog

Budget 2018- Expectation and Fulfilment | Best Lifehack Blog

The people of India look forward to the central budget each year, for they think of the betterment of their economic condition, development of surrounding area, streets, railways and another communicational system. They think of the lower tax payment or rebate of tax etc. But what political and economic message

My GENITALS Do Not Define My GENDER!!!

My GENITALS Do Not Define My GENDER! | Humanity | Best Lifehack Blog

 “Everyone Has a Story, Listen To It before You Judge” I don’t get why people refuse to use the correct pronouns for people. Like I get that you might not agree with their gender identity but you really aren’t being heroic for “Standing Up For Your Belief’s” you’re just hurting someone’s

Daughter VS Daughter-In-Law | Best Lifehack Blog

Daughter VS Daughter-In-Law- Best Lifehack Blog

There is a well-known conflict in the minds of men and women about a daughter and a daughter-in-law. Your daughter is the extract of your flesh and blood but a daughter-in-law is not. This is the reason when a girl becomes daughter-in-law in Indian culture; they are not treated with

Revelation of a Hindu Girl in Love with a Muslim Guy

Revelation of a Hindu Girl in Love with a Muslim Guy | Best Lifehack Blog

While a Hindu bride said “Qubool hai” a Muslim groom took her hand to complete seven vows. Maybe their love story was scribbled by Ram and Rahim jointly. When I was a little girl my mother and my aunts would always get together and make absurd plans for my wedding, there

Cricket – A Creed or Game in India?

Cricket-A Creed or Game in India? Enjoy Best Lifehack blog at Xpressplanet

Cricket in India is the most popular game and billions of fans worldwide look forward to watching the trick of the cricket team of India and similar other teams. The passion, the thrill, and the craze bring the spectators a great excitement. From the alleys of the small town to

10 Easy Flipside to Aur Batao When Talking On the Phone!

How You Can Extend Gossip over Phone- Best Lifehack Blog

Low-cost voice and video calls for a long time are common to the young guys. Sometimes, you cannot find out any gossiping topic with your partner. When one end asks, “aur batao” (tell me something), and don’t know what speak out to continue the discussion. On the other hand, you

India: Life in the “Red Lights” of Sonagachi

Asia’s largest red-light district, Sonagachi is also known as the “Golden Tree”. It is one of the largest red light districts in Calcutta. It has several hundred multistory brothels built in the winding lanes with small ‘apartments’, and is home for almost 10,000 sex workers. Sonagachi is one of the very

Signs That Tell Your Family Is Feeling Too Much Stress

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Is your whole fam frazzled? It might be for the excessive stress in your family. Then, how would you determine whether your family is excessively stressed- and what is the solution for it? You know stress and anxiety are the part of life and as a couple; the effect goes to

Abortion – a gift to men to continue using women as sex object

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Talk to women who’ve had abortions, and you’ll hear horror stories about male partners who try to force them into a decision, downplay the situation or ghost because they can’t deal with it. Men these days push women to abort by rejecting responsibility because they most likely see women as a

Top 5 Winter Gateway Ideas for Adventure Lovers

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Probably, you are waiting for a winter trip this year as a long vacation is knocking on the door. Therefore, the location matters most to make you completely refreshed. Today, I’ll inform the most pleasing destinations where your mind will get the topmost refreshing elements which will surely rejuvenate all