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Most of the time, we carry hand sanitizers for keeping away the dangers of notorious bacteria causing serious diseases. They are found in liquid form, towel type, and wipes. When the hand washing elements like soap or hand-washes are not available, the conscious men use this for enhancing protection against diseases. These are highly effective when you out for a trip or when you are not at home.

The Outdoor Action Program at Princeton University mentions that alcohol-based sanitizers can kill up to 99% of bacteria and disinfect the hands in a few seconds. But, is there any disadvantage of using these hand sanitizers? Let’s learn a little more through the best lifehack blog-

Low Cleaning Efficiency

You are accustomed to hand-washing bars and liquid soaps. They cleanse your hand by removing dirt and diseases. But, the hand sanitizers do not clean the dirt, rather kills the harmful germs along with the helpful germs. Therefore, these ones cannot be the perfect replacement for hand washes. Modern men, however, prefer hand sanitizers much, but the dirt still remains at hand. Think twice.

Endocrine System Disruption

Another major disadvantage of using sanitizers is that these ones may lead to serious disruption of the endocrine system. These are obviously the substances containing antibacterial ingredients which are responsible to kill bacteria. These contain triclosan or triclocarban which are the active agent for killing not only harmful bacteria, but also the good bacteria. The killing of good bacteria is also essential for endocrine disturbances. The effect of this is serious. This can create complications like early puberty and for the presence of triclocarban, it acts on testosterone.

Dangerous for Children

Most sanitizers of the market contain the high amount of isopropyl or ethyl alcohol. These are the highly harmful ingredient for children and should be kept out of the reach of children. It is true that little ones are imitative and follow what the elders do. If the little ones consume these sanitizers, they will fall ill. A thorough supervision is expected.

These are flammable

The open market capturing hand sanitizers contains the high amount of alcohol, and it is the highly inflammable ingredient. People using these sanitizers should learn that these are inflammable by nature and so they should keep off from the flame. Otherwise, these may be the cause of a great disaster.

Lowers the Immunity

No doubt these sanitizers have the power to kill 99% of the bacteria. Then the helpful bacteria also are getting killed. This is the reason; the good bacteria cannot protect us from the harmful diseases and germs.

On the other hand, if you use these sanitizers for children, and they are not allowed to prevent diseases by their own immune power, the natural immune power will not be exercised. Therefore, they will grow up with a lower immune power.

In the modern world of eye-catchy advertisements, we feel the craze for buying new products declaring with health benefit. But, we do not consider what is remaining behind the useful product. You need to keep in mind every coin has its opposite side. As a rational being, you have to justify both sides and grasp it!

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