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BJP is the ruling party in Gujarat for more than 22 years. It is a strong base of Modi and his alliance parties. It is hard to get water to the oar in Gujarat by any political party. But, in such a critical circumstance, Rahul Gandhi’s political prowess and the gift of gab are successful to convince the people of Vadodara, Gujarat.

Congress vice-president Rahul Gandhi placed an impressive speech against Prime Minister Narendra Modi calling him a Magician who can dazzle the eyes of common people by tricks instead of taking realistic steps for the development of the future of Gujarat.

“Have you ever seen magic tricks? Modi does such tricks as he doesn’t want Gujaratis to think about development. He only wants to distract you,” said Gandhi, addressing the election rallies in Pavi Jetpur town of Chhota Udepur as well as Anand district.

Showing confidence in front of BJP’s 22-year winning streak, Rahul Gandhi promised to bring a new strategy to fulfil the dreams of lower and middle-class people. He confidently declared that within a 10-day time after forming the government by Congress, all the loans of the farmers will be waived off.

He also declared that nearly seventy candidates of his team won when he uttered the speech. “Aandhi aa rahi hain” (There is a storm coming),”- he said in Pavi Jetpur.

Jeering at BJP for their delayed declaration of the manifesto, the Congress spokesman said that ruling BJP does not want to talk about the future of Gujarat while Mr. Modi keeps himself busy about Pakistan, Afghanistan and China issues to keep the minds of people busy in thinking the issues.

Declaring the manifesto of Congress party, Mr. Gandhi said that “Modiji used to say BJP will rule in Gujarat for the next 100 years. But he is not saying a single word about the future of Gujarat at his rallies”. Congress VP added that the manifesto of their party has been prepared after discussing with the various sections of the society such as the tribal communities, young ones, and the women.

He proclaimed that this election is not for the Modi or Gandhi (His party); it is all about the people of Gujarat.

According to the manifesto of Congress, the people will find out the implementation of panchayats extensions to scheduled areas, filling up the vacant posts reserved for Scheduled Castes and Tribes, the announcement of the new scholarship for tribal students, and better compensation for land procurement, and so on are the manifesto of Congress. He did not forget to mention that BJP has snatched away around 6.5 lakh acres of tribal land in Gujarat without offering satisfactory compensation.

The flood of interested locals gathered in large number to watch Rahul when he stopped off for a while at Tarapur crossroads with the intention of having some “Paav Bhaaji”.

This was the day one when Rahul Gandhi’s speech.  In the day-2, he uttered a more serious speech about Modi. He asks him over jay shah controversy, “Were you chowkidar or bhagidar?”

He said, “Modi betrayed common man’s hope”. About Jay Shah controversy about the alleged business dealing of the son of Amit Shah’s, Jay asking him whether he was a “partner” in the “theft”.

He also attacked the leaders who tried to defend Jay Shah saying that they should change the name from the flagship of the government about the save of girl child, from “Beti Bachao, Beti Padhao” to “Amit Shah ke bete ko bachao”.

He also attacked Modi about demonetisation and the death of common mass. He also pointed out the vain success of cashless India where a large part of India is not under the coverage of banking system.

In spite of having so many claims in his head, Rahul Gandhi is successful in winning the minds of the people of Gujarat. Standing in the base-land of BJP, it was a great challenge of Rahul Gandhi! You may say it, But… Pappu Can Dance Saala!

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