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The world is outpacing towards the degradation of its natural resources mostly by the unfair human torture over it. The damage is so fast and deep that it is out of natural recovery. The damage is increasing not only in any part of the world; the effect is going on globally.

With the involvement of 1,203 scientists, hundreds of scientific institutions and more than 160 governments have been brought together by UNEP (UN Environment Program), a research has been organised. The study proves that if the environmental degradation cannot be reduced effectively, the extinction of human beings is obvious.

What are people doing?

The high emission of carbon dioxide, carbon monoxide, sulphur dioxide and so many poisonous gases are getting added to the air, water is being populated for various chemical discharges from factories and other human activities. The entire temperature of the world is increasing effectively which is the major reason for the extinction of humans as well as some other creatures on earth.

Human-made issues

What are people doing with the increase of excessive population? The rapid urbanisation and industrialisation damage the forests. You know trees absorb the harmful gases from the environment and purify the air. At the same time, they emit oxygen to keep every living being alive.

When we destroy forests for meeting the demand of residence, for settling up a new industry and so on, the environment is filled with poisonous gases and lacks oxygen.

The poisonous gases are increasing for the following reasons-

  • Transportation
  • Production of electricity through heat and nuclear power
  • Household usage of fuel
  • The running of factories and so on

Each year, the air pollution caused by the average family in the United States is-

  • Climate Change Pollution (CO2) = 85 Tons
  • Acid Rain Causing Pollution (SO2) = 411 Pounds
  • Ozone-Causing Pollution (NOx) = 325 Pounds
  • Small Particulate Pollution = 43 Pounds
  • Toxic Mercury Pollution (Hg) = 0.04 Ounces
  • Toxic Lead Pollution (Pb) = 1.2 Ounces

The average individual of United States causes air pollution as stated below-

  • Climate Change Pollution (CO2) = 27 Tons
  • Acid Rain Causing Pollution (SO2) = 129 Pounds
  • Ozone-Causing Pollution (NOx) = 102 Pounds
  • Small Particulate Pollution = 14 Pounds
  • Toxic Mercury Pollution (Hg) = 0.01 Ounces
  • Toxic Lead Pollution (Pb) = 0.4 Ounces

It’s really a threatening amount for such an improved country!

If you look at the water around, it is not so safe for the human beings as well as plants. You will get so many heavy metals added to the water from the factory extracts, chlorine and detergents, fertilisers and sewage and so on.

How pollution affects the earth and living beings

  • The global temperature is growing high that dilutes the ice from the Polar Regions.
  • The world is getting so hot that some plants and animals are about to extinct
  • The water level is growing up and at a time everything on this earth will go under water.
  • The ozone layer is decreasing for pollution and UV rays are falling on earth
  • Air Pollution is causing various diseases in the respiratory system including a tumour and cancer in the lungs and its tracts
  • Chemical pollution enhances the waterborne diseases as well as the skin diseases.

Therefore, it is the high time to love our mother earth as well as Mother Nature so that we and our future generation can lead a healthy life. If we enhance the progress of degradation, where our future generation will go? Your activity and love for Mother Nature is its answer!

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