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Is your whole fam frazzled? It might be for the excessive stress in your family. Then, how would you determine whether your family is excessively stressed- and what is the solution for it?

You know stress and anxiety are the part of life and as a couple; the effect goes to the bedtime battles along with picky eating. But, the matter of fact is that the stress of your conjugal life may impact on the minds of the children of the house. They fall in the stress and a peaceful atmosphere fills up with a grave feeling, one-word answers, shouting and quarrelling.

If you are asked whether you can abolish stress completely from your life, the answer will be mute and mumbling. Stress can be minimised, cannot be removed forever. Here, some ways to identify whether your family is stressed overly and how you can get rid of it.

Indications And Solutions:

No one is sleeping

When the family stress level is at its pick, sleeping is one of the first casualties. The stress in the work field affects little and people find peace in the family. If the peace in the family breaks down, you cannot sleep. A dark shadow will appear around the eyes and the facial expression expresses the level of stress.

Try to put the kids to the bed before half an hour of the regular time and you also go to the bed half an hour. Try to improve the conjugal relationship.

You are shouting at each other more

When the stress increases, the pressure makes your temper high. People feel irritated much and the reflection goes to your temper and the effect is to shout each other. Yelling and fussing go on all time. A soft word becomes annoying to the other.

Cut down of family dinners

When you are in stress for the misunderstanding with your partner, your older kid may skip out the mealtime to avoid all of you- utters Mary Alvord, Ph.D., a psychologist in Rockville, Maryland.

To make the dinner enjoyable again, all the members of the family should try to write down something positive that they observe the family of the next door. Everybody will feel gracious and the mealtime may be normal and enjoyable.

Your children are withdrawing

Most times, when the entire family is overly stressed, the children of the family justify the wrongs and rights in accordance with the conversation between the two. The older kids may lock themselves in the doors with a sort of depression. Obviously, they will neglect the one to whom they feel guilty. The younger kid may stop speaking and withdraw speaking about the playdates and remains dumb!

In this situation, if you are stressed, discuss it with the kids not the deeper matters but the confessions that you are in a problem. Make them easy to speak, play and perform the normal activities of life. Problem solved!

Therefore, if your problem is similar to all or some of the above, follow the tips suggested and try to lead a peaceful life of happy relationship! For the best lifehack blogs, subscribe us and explore life more meaningfully.


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