how senior citizens can sped time

The only known future thing is that your age will grow as time passes. You cannot deny it or stop it from happening. All the medical sciences lose its wisdom regarding to this phenomena. Everything that is born has to die one day. But there comes a time when senior citizens gets bored and puzzled with only one big question “How to spend time now?”. Believe me, you can live the life of your choice in the remaining years to come.

Till now you were busy in running errands, provide for your family and doing household chores. Apart from that the burden of performing social duties did not leave any time for you to do something valuable for yourself. And one day you retire.

In retirement, maybe you feel useless sometimes because all you want is to spend time with your children, hear their daily routines and maybe play with your grandchildren. Ironically, they are now busy in living the life that you were living before your retirement. Suddenly, everyone seems busy, leaving you with no option than to spend your time doing things which were once trivial to you.

It’s the truth that when you reach at seniority age of your life you might have a hard time coming up with new approaches to pass time.

Here are a few enjoyable and simple activities senior citizens may find very entertaining. In today’s busy world you have to accept the simple fact that it will be difficult for your progeny to spend valuable time with you and make you feel wonderful. But still you can make the best out of it.

1) Take a walk in a park or garden

It can be generally the simplest of ideas but it’ll be fun and exciting for you to take a walk in the nearby garden. You can also take a stroll at neighboring places. This will keep you healthy and your body functioning more active. During your rest period you can also do some stretching exercises. Join one of the laughing groups near you areas. This will help you come in contact with more people. Making friends at this age will obviously turn out well for you as you will have someone to share your things.

2) Watch Movies and Plays

Spend your time watching movies that you missed during your busy life schedules. Evolution of technology have been proved fruitful to elders. You can book a ticket in a minute or two and treat yourself with a movie in a nearby theater. If you are a play lover, gather your friends with similar interests and go to watch a play. Rent a DVD or buy a new one and make a plan to watch it every week at yours or any one of your friend’s house. Live the era of your time once again.

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3) Learn new skills and gadgets

Learning new things will keep your nervous system jumping on the heels. There is a common thinking that you forget more when you grow old but scientific studies says that it is just a myth. Adapt to learn new things and change with time. There are plenty of video channels that will help you to learn the usage of new gadgets. When you were younger, you would not have imagined to the farthest of your mind that technology evolution will develop at this pace. Plenty of applications and mind churning games will help you keep your mind sharp and functioning your brain intact. Laptop, computer, Wi-Fi, mobiles and devices like that has brought whole world to your home. Enjoy it!

4) Hobbies

In most of the countries, senior citizens like to pass time in worshiping God and doing good deeds. If you are bit less spiritual no need to worry. Work on a hobby that you were unable to complete during your busy life now. Photography can be of good choice for you here. You can learn how digital camera works. Explore cities, heritage places, and gardens, and forests wherever you feel and capture the moments of the world with full vitality. If you are a music lover, learn the new form of music. Maybe it is the time to turn your hobby into your profession. If you do not have hobbies try several things and you will eventually find one.

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5) Touring and Travelling

If you are an avid traveler by mind and love to explore new places, this is the time. Plan a trip with your friends. It is easy for senior citizens to find like-minded people in their group. Start touring to nearby places. Spend your weekend on serene destinations. Enjoy the nature.

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6) Social work

Yes, this is the best way to spend your free time. Society has provided you with lot of things and now it is your turn to give it back. If you are a musician, teach the music to youngsters living in shambles. As a teacher you can contribute to the society by nurturing minds that can evolve into big bright ideas. Feed the empty stomach of those who did not have enough money to fill it. Support a poor child to give him or her education, if his family could not offer him. There are enough of ways you can engage yourself in activities that could be worthwhile for you and for the society in your free time.

Share more of your awesome ideas too in the comments below that can be helpful to other senior citizens in the wake of their life.

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