6 secret societies that controls the world

From all around the world we heard about numerous secret societies. Some of the most famous societies allegedly have influence over world economies in a way beyond we could imagine. According to some theories, elite people at powerful positions are supposedly grand members of such societies. The conspiracies that spawn around these secret societies are religious and political in nature or they related to ancient strange rituals.

We may know someone as our esteemed political leader or a business magnate from whom we are always inspired. But there is no way to find out whether they serves as a member of any of such strange societies unless they willfully confess it. People around the world believes that these secret organizations controlled premium historical events such as covering up biblical mysteries, alien presence on earth, religious manipulations or gaining a power on some prestigious group of people.

In some regions, such groups gather up to worship a sacred deity while some of them are rogue fraternity following strange rituals. Common thing in these factions is a strong kind of belief that whatever they are doing, will result into a greater good.

Here are…

6 Secret Societies That Ruled The World Since Centuries



The literal meaning of Illuminati is people who are possessing special enlightenment of knowledge of something extraordinary. This group is one of most controversial secret societies over the ages. Some people claims that it exists even today but some trade it out as just a fictional hoax. May 1, 1776 is assumed to be creation date of Illuminati. Coincidentally, 3 months before America became independent.

Many people claims that Illuminati played dominant role in French revolution. Some goes further to held them solely responsible for it. Through the centuries this secret society apparently had been of biggest historical events. Well known authors, businessmen, politicians, playwrights and composers are alleged to have been members of Illuminati.

Some authors in modern days claims that Illuminati was formed by shape-shifting extra-terrestrial beings whose prime agenda was to control Earth. Illuminati is also suspected to conduct mind control experiments on mass to implement the New World Order. What do you think?

Priory of Sion

priory of sion

Dan Brown’s Novel The Da Vinci Code made a secret society named Priory of Sion well known and famous. From the ages there are several myths surrounding around this secret society. Many theories point to the facts that prominent figures such as Leonardo Da Vinci, Nicholas Flamel, Botticelli and Sir Isaac Newton were once Grand Masters of this secret society.

The members of this society  around the world are responsible to protect Merovingian dynasts. Merovingian dynasty are alleged to be the lineal descendants of Jesus Christ and Mary Magdalene. Assumption is that Priory of Sion had documented about the families to which Jesus’s children and grandchildren were married.

Knights Templar, a historical Catholic military order was believed to be the parallel branch of Priory of Sion.

For many people, Priory of Sion is just the most discussed myth revolving around. Is it not possible that this hoax has been created by its own members to cover up the most sensitive and sought after information of human history?

Thule Society

The name of Thule society is derived from a hypothetical city called Thule. A German based World War I veteran founded this secret society in 1918. The members of this society had to sign “blood declaration of faith” concerning their lineage.

Thule Society initially formed German’s Worker Party. Adolf Hitler later restructured this party as National Socialist German Worker’s Party. Coincident or not, from the below two images you can see the resemblance between symbols of Thule Society and Nazi Party.

thule society

It is believed that some of the prestigious Thule members incorporated their ideas in the Third Reich. Adolf Hitler was alleged to be the member of this society once and it has been suspected that this was also one of the reasons behind Hitler’s despise of Jews.

The main motto behind the formation of Thule society was to combat against Jews and Communists. This society had supposedly believed to build vril-powered Nazi UFO during World War II era. The Thule society is not an active cabal now. No one knows. Maybe they are still operative or maybe they are not. It is still a mystery.



Similar to Illuminati, Freemasonry is another secret society dwelling since centuries. It has been the subject of controversies for its alleged influence over the world. The members of this society call themselves Freemasons or Masons for short. Many says Masons have existed for years and are active in current era too.

Benjamin Franklin, one of the four fathers of United States was believed to be a Mason. Moreover, in a US dollar bill you can see an All-Seeing Eye symbol if you look at the top of pyramid. All Seeing Eye is a Freemason symbol. To your surprise, the words beneath the pyramid in Latin is NOVUS ORDO SECLORUM. Its English translation is NEW WORLD ORDER – the motto of Freemason society.

masonic symbol

Some people says 9 of the 56 signers of declaration of the American Independence were Freemasons. One among them was George Washington too. The main agenda of this society is to attain global domination through New World Order.

And we all know United States is the world’s foremost superpower in current era, isn’t it?

The Nine Unknown

the nine unknown

Emperor Ashoka of Mauryan Dynasty created a group of 9 Unknown Men after the fierce battle of Kalinga. Around 226 BC, Ashoka assigned them tasks to develop the knowledge of ultimate level on different fields. These nine unknown men were also the guardians of this knowledge whose responsibility was to protect it from falling into the wrong hands. If it happens so, this powerful knowledge could prove to be dangerous to the entire humanity.

Louis Pauwels and Jacques Bergiers claimed in their book The Morning of the Magicians that Pope Silvester II had met these 9 unknown men personally.

The knowledge about high level politics, psychology, alchemy, microbiology, physiology, sociology, propaganda, methods to defy gravity, communications with extra-terrestrial beings and many other extraordinary things where accumulated by this group.

Many believes that this secret society has lived for approximately 2000 years. Also, they have this immaculate system of passing on secrets to their predecessor in such a manner that the members in the group remains always 9.

Bilderberg Group

Supremos of European and American Political world and business leaders of notable powerhouses participates in Bilderberg conference. This group also acts as pseudo world government that decides the future course of this planet. They are meeting once a year since 1954. The discussions in this meeting remains a highly guarded secret.

Decisions taken in this group directly or indirectly influence the wold economics to the most possible extent. The public goal of Bilderberg group is to strengthen US-European relationships as well as preventing another world war. The world leaders supposedly discuss aggressively in this meeting as the speakers and participants are never disclosed in public. Moreover, as the leaders are free to put their point of view on worldly matters, they do not fear of controversies growing after it as the agendas of group are never revealed.

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