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What a pleasant moment when your child leaves for their first day of schools. It is really an emotional moment for parents. Probably, every parent keeps this memory very affectionately in their mind. It is an enormous change of responsibility from parents to schools authorities.

The minds of the parents of the dear child depend on the school authority and remain safe outside the schools. To them, schools are the safe sanctuaries for children. The parents have a conception that schools are the best place where the students learn moral education along with traditional education. But, are the students getting the same in schools? This is a great question mark in the minds of parents in the recent times. Are the schools still bears the same respect from the parents? A certain fear is nestling somewhere in their minds.

You may ask me the reason. When students are now in sheer intrigue, and even killing each other in the school surroundings, where will you feel safe for your dear child? It’s a matter of flooding tears from the eyes of the parents. They are sending their daughter or son to the “school-sanctuary” and the matter goes differently.

If you look at the unrest in the US schools among students, your eyes will be wide enough. More than 20 killed in 2018 shootings at US schools. If you notice, the killing happens among the students. A few highlights of them:

On Jan 22, 2018, a 15-year-old student killed 2 classmates hitting a dozen of other students. This happened at Italy High School, Texas.

On Feb 1, a 12-year-old girl was charged after a gun went off from her backpack at Salvador B. Castro Middle School. Two were seriously injured and some others are injured by broken glass.

On Feb 5, a 17-year-old student was lured to the parking lot of Oxon Hill High School and shot. The 11th grader somehow survived and two other students were charged with attempted murder.

On Feb 14, a 19-year-old former student of Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School fired openly at the school with a semi-automatic rifle killing at least 17 people.

Where are our students moving with such mind of unrest? What are they learning from the schools? Will our kids face only the bloodshed? When the future of our nation is shedding blood so much, what will the nation see next? Decide!

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