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The strategy shows that the sales of passenger car and two-wheelers have been increasing effectively for last one year. If the graph of car sales comes to notice, you will see the sales have been increasing admirably. Let’s look at the data of sales:

The overall auto industry had grown by 6.81 percent in 2016-17, while the study of the previous years was different. In 2015-16, it was 3.78 percent, 7.06 percent in 2014-15 while in 2.13-14, it was 3.54 percent. The lowest ever, 2.49 percent was in 2012-13.

In PV segment, the growth of sales increased 14.32 percent with the sale of 1, 44,297 units, while the rival Hyundai Motor India raised their sale up by 9.98 percent with the sale of 44,008 cars.

If you look at Mahindra motors, they boast of an increase of sales with 21.66 percent at 15,990 units.

The Indian rival Tata Motors increased their sale 38.14 percent with the sale of 18,832 units in November last year.

The two-wheeler sales have been increased 23.49 percent in November last year by selling 15, 35,277 units which is much higher than the data of November 2015 that shows the sale of only 12,43,246 units.

The sale of motorcycles has been increased by 23.25 percent at the sale of 9.59,122 units, while the sale of the same month in 2016 was 7, 78,173 units.

Market leader hero MoroCorp posted that their sales have increased a lot last year. The count was 5, 10,749 units as against 4, 14,709 units in 2016. The sales raised 23.15 percent.

The Bajaj auto noticed their rise with 1.56 percent while the Honda Motorcycle and Scooter India (HMSI) has increased its sale remarkably with 56.13 percent to 1.50,420 units against the meagre sale of 96,338 units in November 2016.

Looking back to the scooter sale, the total sales were 5, 06,267 units in November last year proves the increase of 30.25 percent compared to the sale of November 2016.

Commercial vehicle sale has been increased remarkably by 50.43 percent at the sale of 68, 846 units in November- SIAM said.

Along with the increase in sales of bikes and scooters, the sale of passenger vehicles in India has been increased noticeably. It raised by 14.29 percent.

The Society of Indian Automobile Manufacturers (SIAM) declares that the sale of utility vehicles grows exceptionally to 2, 75,417 units (2017) as against 2, 40,983 units (2016).

What are the probable reasons for the growth of this sale? There are some certain reasons that raised the sale of the car last year. Some of them are mentioned here.

“The GST implementation had led to uncertainty and fear in the minds of people who thought that prices will go up. This led to strong growth in April-June period.”- said Rakesh Srivastava, director (Sales & Marketing) at Hyundai India.

Apart from this, the per capita income has been increased that raised the sale of the bikes and four-wheelers.

The awareness with adventure motorsports has been increasing gradually in India and the enthusiasts are practising in it. This is also the reason for the growth of automobile sales.

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