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While a Hindu bride said “Qubool hai” a Muslim groom took her hand to complete seven vows. Maybe their love story was scribbled by Ram and Rahim jointly.

When I was a little girl my mother and my aunts would always get together and make absurd plans for my wedding, there would be only one discretion thrown to me – Beta, kisi se bhi shaadi karna buss Muslim se nahi. Although my family was a Hindu, we were never one of those inflexible ones. No one told me what to wear or what not to; hanging out with guy friend or girlfriend was not a big deal and nor was eating non-veg, staying out late nights or even drinking occasionally was no biggee . We were a relatively an open-minded family except for the fact that I was told I could never fall in love with a Muslim. Initially, I never questioned this…, whereas I had many close Muslim friends in school. 

Slowly, as I started growing up I questioned my parent’s rather orthodox views on this matter (being an agnostic myself) but even then I never had energy to fight about it again and again. Until, one fine day I met a guy at my work place, we started talking, got along really well…and he happened to be a Muslim.  We started meeting frequently and before we knew that we are in love, we has already started expressing our feelings for each other.
Somehow, we always knew we never had a “Future”, but we still decided to play with fire.

One day, simply to test the waters, I told my parents that I think I’ve started liking a guy.
Everyone in family was pretty chilled as dating was not a big issue in my family.

“Really? Who is he? My father asked.

“Well…” I named him and added “…he is a Muslim.”

“A Muslim? That will never work out beta, you know that!” I was taken aback by this displacement of my first ever love confession to my dad.

“Well, dad I didn’t start liking him because he is a Muslim” I argued.

“You should have thought about this earlier, it’s your choice at the end of the day, but you will have to cut all contacts with us, would you do that? He said.
“No…” I muttered

“Then there no point of having a discussion is there? You can be friends with him but you won’t have a future with him” and just like that my love story was officially over as far as my parents were concerned. Unofficially, however, we were going really strong!

However, as time and years passed by my parents understood that they have to accept my fate as we still stood “STRONG”.  They then decided to take this further and let me happy with him. To sum it up, it is better to live with a known devil than an unknown one.


My parents always thought that being with him I will always have to be the one to compromise, but what I made them understand that it’s not compromise it’s a “Choice”

  1. A choice to be with him
  2. A choice to accept another faith so that everything from his side and his family’s side go smooth.
  3. A choice supported by my parents.

There was never a guarantee that life with a Non-Muslim would be better or equally good to what it is right now. There is no guarantee of compatibility with someone else.

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