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You command your muscles what to do and they respond to it, but sometimes, they do their job according to their own wish! They might pulse or fix with stiffness and cannot relax. Spasms and twitches are common in calves, hands, arms, thighs, ribcage, belly and the arches of your foot. The spasm and twitch can happen to the entire muscles or part of a muscle, or to the group of your muscles. The doctors are not always sure why they happen to you.

The twitch of eyelids

Sometimes, your eyelids may give you the signals like Morse code! You have to face a feeling of jerking. This is called Myokymia. If your eyelids twitch randomly, you will surely feel odd. This sometimes happens to you for lack of sleep, bright light and for taking much caffeine. It is a harmless process and resolves in a short period of time.

Eyelids twitch and don’t relax

Yes, there is some certain situation when the twitch of an eye does not relax. It is a pitiable issue. If it remains for a few days, it might be the sign of glaucoma. This can also happen to you for the stiffness of facial muscles. In some certain and rare cases, eye twitches may happen to you for the brain or nerve disorders like Bell’s palsy, multiple sclerosis, and Tourette’s syndrome.
What are the other reasons for which the twitches and muscles spasms may happen to you? Let’s learn a little.

Low in electrolytes

Human body depends highly on minerals like sodium, potassium, magnesium, etc. to work properly. If you are running low on them, the muscles do not respond properly and they suffer from twitches, cramps, and spasms. Heavy exercise, high sweating and the side effect of some medicines can lead you to these indications. After diarrhoea and vomiting, your body loses electrolytes.

Not taking enough water

If you do not take the proper amount of water that your body wants, your muscles will feel tired and the supply of minerals to the muscles and other vital ingredients will be reduced. This also may be the cause of muscle spasms and twitches.

Stress and anxiety

The mental stress sometimes stresses in some parts of your muscles. The tension of muscles increases with mental stress. This is also the cause of the muscle twitching and pain. It is better to try to practice meditation and find the way to get relaxed.

Consuming too much caffeine

A fine cup of coffee can make you active and energetic from the morning to the evening. But, the excessive use of caffeine can trigger the possibility of muscle spasm and stress. Other stimulant drugs like amphetamines have the same effect.

Lack of sleep and exhaustion

If you are tired and running on lack of sleep, your body responds you with spasms and twitches. Your muscles become weak for the lack of rest and so it may be achy.

Out of shape

If you feel spasm after a little workout, you need to spend a lot of time for exercise for building your muscle. When you don’t work, they become tired and they do not respond for a long time to continue your job. Add some exercise to your routine to get fit.


If you have heart disease or high blood pressure, your doctor may put you on water pills or diuretic pills. This lowers the percentage of potassium in your body and can bring muscle spasm. Some other medications like anti-depressant pills, the drugs for psychosis and epilepsy drugs may lead you to spasms and twitches.
These are some of the reasons for which twitches and spasms happen to you. I regularly try to enrich your knowledge by giving some essential information to lead a healthy life. Following my best lifehack blog, you can enjoy enriching your knowledge on leading a healthy life.

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