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Got an injury? Met an accident recently? Is your face damaged?
All the living beings in the world love themselves and humans are no exception! Often we get to hear about people having plastic surgeries and we get stunned how they are modifying their faces and the outer look of the other organs! Some of us only believe that Plastic surgeries are only done to change one face to another which can end in a melodramatic climax but those are, my friends, only movies, reality is completely different where the plastic surgery is similarly important as the other surgeries are and this surgery is also invented to remedy your physical damage rather than turning you a different person who does all the notorious things!

The best lifehack blog can very well tell you that Plastic Surgery is a medical procedure that is practised to improve the aesthetic features of your outer look which get damaged due to an accident. Cosmetic and non-cosmetic surgeries, aesthetic surgery, reconstructive surgery, microsurgery and the others are some of the surgical procedures that are included in Plastic Surgery. Plastic Surgery may sound like a modern technology but the concept has come from an ancient time. Here are some facts about Plastic Surgery that can leave your mouth opened.

Greek word Plastikos is the source of the plastic from plastic surgery. Moulding or giving shape is the original meaning of plastikos whereas a famous misconception goes around about its artificialness!

During the great battle of World War, the new innovations and techniques were began to form! As there were countless injuries, the surgeons were bound to improvise on their skills and this led them to come up with the new techniques that shaped firmer in the later part.

In ancient Rome, Plastic Surgery was invented to remove scars! During the time period, people believed that the scars on their back had portrayed the evidence of their discouragement and cowardice nature since it represented like they have turned their back on a war. So, they used to remove the scars taking help from the plastic surgeries.

The first breast augmentation was successfully achieved on a singer in Germany. She had a lipoma on her back and that was removed and transplanted to her breast to give it the original form.

The first ever nose surgery was executed in India in the ancient time period of 600 B.C. by removing the skins from the cheeks, foreheads and reshaping the nose. For making the breathing possible, a wooden tube was inserted.

The fat removal surgery currently known as the liposuction technique was originally invented by Dr Yves-Gerard Illouz in the year 1977 in France. The first surgery was made on a lady from France who had a lipoma on her back, the entire fat was removed from her back without leaving a single scar.

You can find many writings about latest technologies of Plastic Surgeries in the best lifehack blog of Europe but Britishers first started using the plastic surgery back in the 17th Century when they witnessed an Indian Mason repair the British driver’s nose. The ancient surgery procedure was promptly adopted by them with some advancement. From the instance, plastic surgery was popular all over the Europe.

Egypt was not far behind from the plastic surgeries. From the mommies and other advanced technologies at that point in time, we can understand about the country’s rich development and technology. Egyptians did not use the surgical alteration on the living beings, rather they used it on the dead ones. We can get the example from Mommy itself.

The most famous operations of the plastic surgeries are the nose reshaping and breast augmentation. According to the latest report, 91% of the people involved in plastic surgeries from all over the world are women and only 9% of it are men.

The father of the modern day plastic surgery is believed to be Gaspare Tagliacozzi – the 15th Century Italian surgeon.

Plastic Surgery is one of the most interesting things that can shape you in the correct form. From the nose reshaping to breast augmentation and scar removals, this process of surgery has appeared to be the most reliable solution. Above points are some of the most interesting facts about Plastic Surgery, keep reading for more interesting blogs in future.

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