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This is a free country where everybody should deserve the same facility from the country. Our constitution has given us all sorts of freedom that we can practise for life. But, are we really free- free to get the equal facilities? Obviously not! When children enter the school level, they understand the difference between “him” and “others”. Some of them are getting an allowance from the government and the others are not. They are getting acknowledged about the fact that some of them are getting extra benefits from the government and some of them are not. Caste based reservation is there.

Some scheduled castes and tribes are getting extra benefits as they were scheduled based on the backward level in the society. They were considered as the backward in terms of education, so backward in getting government jobs. This was done for bringing them to the same track of modern life as they were lagged much behind from the general flow of life.

However, in today’s time, one of the major roadblocks to this equality is the Reservation System.

When there was the age of untouchability, the community was far behind. The Indian constitution prohibits untouchability under its Article 17 and encourages people to stop it. The special provisions have been offered for them at that point of time so that they can move forward with the progress of Indian economy.

But consider the condition of the day. After so many years of India’s independence, when the structure of India has been changed so much, the backward classes have reached the same level of other general classes, it is reservation really necessary?

Today, when most backward classes mentioned in the list of scheduled caste and tribes are so much progressive and reached almost the same level, how much is it essential to preserve their seats in higher education and government jobs? For higher education, 15% seats are preserved, and for government jobs, they are getting 15% reservation (for scheduled caste). For scheduled tribes, it is preserved for 7.5%. There is some other preservation for other backward classes. Then, only 50% jobs are open for everybody! Where are we going? Think twice!

The Mandal Commission was built in 1979 by the Central Government of India to identify the socially or educationally backward people. For the ages, the system is in the constitution. For enjoying the political benefits, no one dared to omit the Article from the constitution or add new lines to it. This is our free India!

By birth, no one is less meritorious or less talented. Then, why will the students of “general” category suffer today? Let’s raise our voice so loud that reach the ear of the government!

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