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Not a single woman wants to have dark lips. Lots of beautiful women also have dark lips that enhance their despair in mind. The male folk also love to see the pink lips. Who does not love to see the smiles from pink lips?

Dark and pigmented lips have become a great problem these days. There are some women who have the dark lips by birth and the other women have got it by using bad quality lipsticks. Some bad habits like smoking also darken the lips. Apart from all these, taking excessive tea or coffee makes the lips dark. Then, how could you make your lips pink?

Keep reading to know more how you can get pink lips naturally from the best lifehack blogs.

Here are some tips and recipes that you can follow to lighten your dark lips gradually.

• Coconut Oil
• Almond Oil
• Lemon Honey Lip Serum
• Glycerine
• Aloe Vera
• Apple Cider Vinegar
• Baking Soda
• Beetroot Slice
• Cucumber Juice
• Rosewater

All these ingredients are helpful to reduce the dark pigments of your lips gradually. The effect of removing pigmentation from the above ingredients is highly remarkable. Some of them have been described here.

Coconut oil for dark lips

You have to collect virgin coconut oil and use it as lip balm during the daytime. Keep a little about on your fingertip and spread all over the lips.

You must use the coconut oil before going to bed.

The coconut oil has essential fatty acids that keep your lips soft, hydrated and gradually removes the dark pigmentation.

Almond Oil

You have to collect pure almond oil. Apply the oil on lips with your fingertip, and massage it for a few minutes. Leave it overnight.

Do this process every day until the darkness reduces.

Almond oil smoothens and rejuvenates skin for its emollient properties. It contains sclerosant properties that help to lighten the pigments and thus reducing discoloration.

Lemon Honey Lip Serum

You have to add the similar quantity of lemon juice and pure honey. Keep some water and soft cloths.

Mix the honey and the lemon juice nicely and apply on your lip. After applying the lip serum, you have to keep for an hour. At least once in the day-time and once before going to bed is so much helpful. The pigmentation will be reduced soon. Follow the process till the pigmentation removes.

The pigmentation of lips has been reduced by the active ingredients of lemon juice and honey softens the skin of lips. You will gradually get pink lips.

Aloe Vera treatment

You have to collect fresh Aloe Vera leaf and bring out the pulp. Apply the pulp on your lip and wait till it dries. Clam it with lukewarm water. Do this process in the daytime and before going to bed. You will get the result soon.

Aloe Vera contains a flavonoid called aloesin. The pigmentation of the skin gets reduced for the polyphenol compound available in Aloe Vera gel.

Next time we’ll provide more information how you can remove dark pigmentation from your lip through our best lifehack blog.

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