donald trump immigration ban

On January 25, 2017 President Trump issued an Executive Order, Improving Public Safety in the Interior of the US. This order possibly makes nearly every undocumented immigrant a deportation priority.

By decimating the Barack Obama era policy prioritising individuals who present the most risk to our communities, serious offenders plus national security risks, Trump is focusing primarily on deportation precedence. Trump’s plan is a pattern to implement his election promises of mass deportation. It’s clear that most severe anti-immigrant zealots in Trump’s orbit crafted these orders.

Critics worried over Trump’s call to report crimes by undocumented immigrants

Is Trump Immigration Order Different Than Obama’s?

To be certain, Trump is attempting to cloak his Executive Order in the superficial trappings of the policy geared toward deporting offenders. But that’s what Obama’s policies did. The specialised terminology of Trump’s Order goes far beyond any good sense explanation of the hazardous offender. The range of this policy isn’t surprising, given Trump’s penchant for excessively wide generalisations and stark promises. Broadly confirmed Trump pays no attention to policy details. In addition to that he is totally comfortable to say anything in public, even when his promises could be definitely disproved. Recall this each time Trump claims his new policy objectives threats and offenders.

Only conviction is sufficient to kick you out

Under Trump Executive Order you’ll find four fundamental precedence. But taken collectively they really throw any notion of prioritisation from the window. Trump’s Executive Order objectives anyone ever convicted of any offender offences, no matter what the crime was, when it happened, or the conditions of the confidence.

Trump also tells his Deportation Force to go after individuals who have not even been convicted of the crime, but have merely been charged with an offence. They’d instantly become a priority for deportation. Under Trump immigration plan all a rogue anti-immigrant police force agent need do it is find an immigrant they do not like. Further, they can charge her with a crime plus make her a target of Trump Deportation Force.

A 58 year old immigrant if possessing cannabis cigarette might be a Deportation Force priority. This was certainly a minor misdemeanour-3 decades ago.

Issue for Green Card Holders

ProPublica estimated that Trump Immigration ban also applies to 500,000 green card holders. Citizens of 7 banned Muslim countries Iraq, Iran, Libya, Somalia, Sudan, Syria, or Yemen are facing fire right now. They have passed through the critical green card processes even though they are to be citizens. And now they have to exile from their own to-be-home.

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