Probably, you are pretty proud of the recent selfie. It is a knack to show the moods you are in. It’s an awesome game to depreciate others with selfies. It is a game to win by taking selfies of various styles. However, most youngsters post a particular type of selfies most times. You will be amazed at learning what the selfies say about your personality.

A new study from the journal, Computers in Human Behaviour shows that the way you take selfies could give a deeper insight of your personality- or at least it can give you some clues about your personality. You can justify someone about the mental position of a day through the selfie. Interesting- isn’t it?

Let’s learn something new-

Tongue out selfie

It’s really funny but it is also a sign that you are not comfortable in front of the camera. You are a little bit goofy to hide the nervousness in front of the camera. You are allowing your silliness out the social media with a certain amusing style- Julie Carbray, Ph.D., a clinical psychiatry professor in Chicago, IL explains.

Duck Face

Are you always like to capture images with duck face? According to the new research, people capturing this type of photos always tend to be “neurotic”.

Bathroom selfie

A good percentage of young guys today are passionate to capture bathroom selfies. The youngsters who value their privacy do not capture these images but some other feel passionate to capture bathroom images with a great part of physical exposure. Dr. Carbray says, they are exceptionally extrovert rather than expected.

Looking Away

Artsy look? Proving genius? The side-angle profile image gives you a poetic touch. But, in reality, this is a sign of FOMO (Fear of Missing Out). You are not obsessed with selfie culture. The researchers say that the people of this attitude are more prone to argumentative.

Fitspo selfie

The images with workout dress somehow make you look hot, and the pictures called braggy. But, in reality, you are driven, fit and aggressive to achieve your target by any means. If you are sweating, it looks real. Being with the fake image does not prove your real impression.

But in the recent times, turning on the TV or opening the pages of papers, you will see so many deaths happened each day while taking dangerous selfies. The knack of posting so many selfies is a kind of selfie-obsession called “Selfitis”.

Selfitis is a genuine mental condition in which people feel compelled to capture selfies and post them on social media platforms. They need a psychological guide to cure this selfie mania. American Psychiatric Association considered it as a severe mental disorder.

There are three basic types of selfitis-

Borderline– A person is in this mental condition when he takes at least 3 photos in a day and does not post on social media.

Acute– A person takes at least 3 photos and posts all of them on social media.

Chronic- Uncontrollable compulsion to capture selfies is felt in mind round the clock and he is posting all them. When a person is in this mental condition, he posts photos at least six times in a day.

When most people are getting connected to social media and waiting for your click of smiles on every special event, you must do it in a modest way keeping away with the selfie obsessions.



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