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Women pass more solo times with their kids, enjoy less leisure time, and experience more sleep disruptions than their partners.

If you feel more stressful in parenting than your male partner, you are not alone in the world. Millions of mothers experience the same. The new study from Cornell University sociologist, women reported that women have to pass more stressful time with their kids though they pass the maximum time with them. On the other hand, men pass more free and enjoyable times with kids than their partners.

The report clearly shows that moms do not get the opportunity of being moms for the pressure of various kinds of household duties and taking care of their kids. Moms are not involved in the fun parts of raising their children than the dads can!

In a family, women pass more tedious times with their kids for their basic childcare activities like making food for the them and other family members, guiding the kids, teaching, keeping more attention to their health and so on, while the male folks of the family enjoy with their kids with gossiping, playing, watching TV and so on.

Kelly Musick, associate professor of policy analysis and management declares, “It’s not that moms are so stressed out with their kids, but relative to fathers, they’re experiencing more strain.”

“It’s not that moms are so stressed out with their kids, but relative to fathers, they’re experiencing more strain,” co-author Kelly Musick, associate professor of policy analysis and management, said in a press release.

To find out the real strategy, Musick and her colleagues researched over 12,000 parents whose kids were under 18. The research was conducted from 2010 to 2013 to identify the individual activities of a parent and how they feel all through the day based on three specific periods of a day- morning, noon and evening time.

The target of the research was not to records all the activities but to note down the activities conducted to their kids.

The results of the research were published in the American Sociological Review found that parents enjoy their greater comfort in mind being with their children.

A few moments even if it short gives parents more comfort in mind. But the opportunity goes to the male-folks of a family. While passing lazy moments on the couch, kids give them entertainment while the moms are busy cooking or other household activities.

Women pass much stressful time full of monotony by performing same repeated works of the day. They do not get enough time to pass happier moments with their kids, and whatever they get, they have to finish some of the errands scheduled.

Before concluding the research result, the authors focused on a point that mothers might be more stressed because of their greater investment of time in children but they might get more meaning out of it.  They can feel more proud of making their kids significant in front of others. That was not the matter, however. They have also a soul to entertain with children; they have the desire to pass happy moments with the children.

Music states that according to the study of 2012, mothers still spend nearly twice as long as fathers do: 104 minutes a day versus 59.

Big changes are essential immediately, the socialist declares. She also says, “The solution is that we collectively rethink what we expect of fathers and what we expect of mothers.”

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