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Depression is a serious clinical condition as cold or flu and sometimes it harms the human being more than a serious disease does. Sometimes, it may take life in its serious condition. At the very beginning, you need to understand whether it is a mental condition of blues or you are in depression. This can be measured by the frequency of symptoms and the intensity of feelings. However, the treatment is not similar to everybody. This varies from person to person and from their root of problems. Along with the treatment, the quality of life should be changed.

Keep tracks of how you feel for 2 weeks

If you have a depressed mood, you will be sad, lack of attraction to which you used to feel interested previously. The pleasing things will turn to a matter of disinclination. These symptoms will be persistent long and almost every day in your 2 week’s observation period.
The symptoms can stop for a day or two and returns on the next day. These are called recurrent episodes. These may affect the mood and affect the functions of the everyday life, at the place of job, and changes the social behaviour.
The effect may change the interest to favourite hobbies and activities, and more likely to thrust a person into the bad company or addition to different narcotic drugs.
The start of depression may come from the death of a lovely member in the family. For any kind of severe mental condition, you need to consult the therapist.

The symptoms also include:

•Loss of appetite
•Disrupted sleep: unable to sleep or it breaks up many times
•Unnatural fatigue or loss of energy
•The speed of movement decreases noticeably
•The agitation has been raised many times
•Feeling worthless and unnatural guilt in mind
•Feeling indecisive and difficulty in concentrating
•Persistent thought of death, attempt for suicide or planning for suicide

Thoughts of suicide? – Take Immediate Help

There is some critical situation when you may feel the death appeal or strong thoughts of suicide. If you are in that condition, you must have to take the support of a psychiatric therapist or call your bosom friend and discuss your feeling. Ask for him to bring you the best doctor treating mental issues. Here, professional help is obvious.
If you observe any risky behaviour in two weeks’ period, you must not wait a bit except visiting the respective treatment.
The abnormal behaviour should also be noticed during the observation period.

Choose a mental health professional

The skills of professionals are different. According to the intensity and type of the problem, you need to visit the respective professionals. Some of the genres of the professionals are clinical psychologists, counselling psychologists, and psychiatrists.
The counselling psychology is a field of treatment that focuses on the development of skills, and help people overcome the critical situation. Basically, they motivate and inspire you to cope with the situation with the practical examples and experiencing harsh realities.

Clinical psychologists treat with counselling as well as medical treatment wherever they are essential.
The psychiatrist helps you diagnose the mental condition and assists related treatment either by explaining the facts of common life or by prescribing medicine if necessary.

You do not know whether there is a rebirth on this earth. Therefore, keeping all the adversities of life aside, you should carry on a healthy and happy life where there is no depression and anxiety. Go through the best lifehack blogs of ours and stay healthy mentally and physically.

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